Nojoud Al Mallees, The Canadian Press

Signs of economic softening grow as job creation lags population growth

Canada's labour market is softening as the unemployment rate rises for a third consecutive month, offering some evidence the economy is finally slowing down.

A dip in inflation may not be enough to stop the BoC from raising rates next month

Statistics Canada is set to release its consumer price index report for May on Tuesday

High government spending means more inflation? It's complicated, economists say

Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre's attempt to block the federal government's budget bill from passing earlier this month is the latest example of government spending coming under scrutiny amid...

Inflation is cooling, but the Bank of Canada isn't done its fight: economists

OTTAWA — Inflation in Canada is cooling faster than expected, but economists don't expect the Bank of Canada to back down from its fight just yet.  The annual inflation rate slowed to 7.0 per cent...

Bank of Canada takes to Twitter to set record straight on 'printing money' claim

OTTAWA — As the Bank of Canada tries to reign in red hot inflation, the central bank is engaging in another fight: one against misinformation