Nono Shen

China bans Air Canada flights from YVR due to growing Omicron cases

Starting Jan. 17, four more flights operated by Air Canada from Vancouver to China will be cancelled

Chinese mobile phone giant pulling out of Canada amid security concerns

The state-owned China Mobile International (CMI) will cease operation in Canada due to fears expressed by the federal government

Meet Bella, the new robot serving Richmond diners

The BellaBot, initially developed in China, is currently serving customers at two Richmond restaurants and even sings Happy Birthday in Mandarin and English

Richmond Night Market opening delayed – but not cancelled

Organizers hope the market will open in early July or August

Richmond woman says quarantine hotel expense ‘needless’ given negative COVID-19 test result

A Richmondite who just came back from Taiwan said the three-night stay in a five-star hotel landed her a $1,825 bill (after-tax).

Actor from “Kim’s Convenience” will host acting workshops at Richmond organization

Students aged seven to 19 interested in acting and improving their communication skills are welcome to join the acting workshop with James Yi

Women in Business: How women of colour can own their success

Women in leadership roles are shaping a new era for diversity and inclusion

Richmond bakery in overdrive pumping out mooncakes to create stability in an uncertain time

Chefs at Saint Germain Bakery pull dozens of the seasonal treat out of the oven every 12 minutes

50 million N95 masks could now be manufactured in Richmond

Richmond entrepreneurs said the goal is to serve all Canadians

Richmond brewery hosts virtual beer tasting happy hour

A brewing company headquartered in Richmond will host a virtual happy hour to unwind with friends during the COVID-19 pandemic. Old Abbey Ales, an Abbotsford brewery with its head office in...