Richmond News

Richmond trampoline park owners claim dad who died could have been impaired

Almost a year to the day that Jason Greenwood died after breaking his neck, Extreme Air Park filed a response to his children's lawsuit

MLA aims to address birth tourism as new data shows high non-resident birth rates

One in five babies in Richmond Hospital were born to non-resident mothers last year: study

Province brings in legislation to limit ALR home sizes

Richmond’s new city council is expected to discuss ALR home size limits on Tuesday, the day after B.C.’s government introduced its own legislation on the issue

Over 1,100 residential units to be built near Richmond’s Brighouse Station

A major ‘bus mall’ will be built at the corner of No. 3 and Cook roads

Money-laundering rules beginning to bite in Richmond

B.C.’s new anti-money laundering rules appear to be working in Richmond but, as with most things in life, there’s a hefty price to be paid. Quite how much that bill comes to is unclear. However,...

Richmond home fined $2,000 for operating as illegal hotel

Neighbour said hotel operator encouraged her to run a hotel in her own house

Richmond travel agency has licence suspended, accounts frozen

Consumer Protection BC took action over concerns company wouldn’t be able to deliver services to customers

Upcoming legislation will kill Richmond's farm mega mansions: Agriculture Minister

Minister of Agriculture Lana Popham says she is now ready to overrule Richmond city council on house sizes on farmland