Robert Napoli

Private equity might make sense now for the common investor

With public markets at record highs, is it a good time to consider private investments for better long-term returns? Private equity has been around for more than 30 years but is still relatively...

Six steps to completing a management buyout of your company

One of the best investments you can make is buying the business you work for. Owning your own business gives you control over your future; the business is yours to expand and you reap the rewards...

Business owners need to have corporate exit plans at the ready

Over the past decade there has been much speculation over when a wave of baby boomers would sell their businesses. Study after study predicted a mass transition that never came. As a result, there...

How employee share ownership can keep a business in local hands

Employee ownership can be a great way to pass on a business to the next generation, ensuring local ownership continues and keeping jobs in the community. It is also a viable solution for business...

Ailing dollar presents once-in-a-generation opportunity for Canadian businesses

If you don’t export now, it’s an opportune time to explore how and where you could enter the U.S. market, build a business plan and find partners that can help you   

Economic downturn creates seller’s market for business owners

At a time of international market uncertainty and slow economic growth, I have been curious as to why the market for buying companies is so robust. I posed the question to experienced deal adviser...

Smart zoning is key to solving city’s housing affordability crisis

There has been plenty of finger-pointing of late as to who’s at fault for skyrocketing Vancouver house prices. What seems to be forgotten is the basic economics of supply and demand. Vancouver is...

Retooling business tax system could reduce wealth inequality

These favourable corporate tax policies are usually justified by saying they’re needed to encourage business formation and job growth. But the evidence of this is scant

Assessing the state of the market for selling your business

Expect to see more management buyouts for SMEs over the next decade, because they’re an attractive investment for the management team, investors and lenders

Tapping the best sources of financing for your growing company

Mezzanine financing does not require much, if any, ownership dilution and is more patient and forgiving than bank debt