Rochelle Baker, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Canada's National Observer

Canada's new cruise ship rules don't plug loopholes for major source of wastewater pollution

The new regulations prohibit cruise ships from dumping greywater or sewage within three nautical miles of shore

'A public relations strategy': Critics slam B.C.'s recent effort to boost transparency on logging

Forestry companies will be required to create a map of proposed logging operations available for public review. However, environmental groups say many questions remain

Highway wildfire closure drives home B.C.'s need to think big about climate measures

The province says it's too early to provide an estimate of the costs associated with the Highway 4 closure

DFO raids seafood company, possibly over federal agency's own paperwork error

Fisheries enforcement officers are taking an unnecessary and heavy-handed approach over what appears to be a bureaucratic error caused the Department of Fisheries’ own licensing branch, said Sonia...

Researchers look to Canada’s oceans to sink planet-warming carbon

Canada may have the longest total coastline in the world, but it still doesn’t have a solid understanding of the role nearshore ecosystems can play in sinking greenhouse gas emissions to combat the...

Primary health care ‘collapsing’ in B.C. rural communities, critics say

Back-to-back closures of small community emergency rooms on North Vancouver Island over the weekend is another example of the overall erosion of the primary care system in rural communities, the BC...