Roxanne Egan-Elliott

App that matches businesses with surplus food and deal-hungry customers expands to Victoria

Consumers can set their food preferences on the free app and look for green dots near them indicating surplus food available

Local governments seek provincial help regulating tiny homes

Building tiny homes can be difficult because the B.C. building code doesn’t directly address them, advocate says

Amid job losses, post-secondary unions appeal to province to offset budget shortfalls

The unions say that 'significantly' increased government funding for the post-secondary sector is the only viable long-term solution.

Victoria exploring ways to encourage construction of townhouses, duplexes

Victoria is exploring ways to address a lack of housing options that city staff and builders say is driving young families out of the city. While real estate and rental prices are increasingly out...

Billion seashore animals may have died during B.C. heat wave, says marine biologist

The researcher found thousands of mostly dead mussels, as well as sea stars, clams, snails and barnacles while out walking at Vancouver's Kitsilano Beach in late June

Many British Columbians wondering what more they can do to slow transmission of COVID-19

The 'do more' message could have been improved, says psychology professor

Walmart to require masks at stores starting next week

Walmart is instituting a mandatory mask policy for all customers in Canada starting Wednesday in a move that has been welcomed by some local shoppers. The rule is being brought in because Health...

Americans sailing north to Alaska causing waves of worry around Vancouver Island

A small stream of Alaska-bound American pleasure boats continues to travel along the east coast of Vancouver Island, despite a border closure barring non-essential travel, prompting concerns about...

Alarm raised over travellers who aren’t self-isolating

Despite a federal order requiring all returning travellers to Canada to go directly home and stay there for two weeks, some are concerned not everyone is playing by the rules. Residents returning...

Panic-buying of drugs leading to shortages and rationing, pharmacies say

Some pharmacies are asking customers to avoid stockpiling medications as panic-buying during the COVID-19 pandemic leads to a tighter supply of some drugs. Andrew Formosa, pharmacy manager at...