Sean Pratt

Why fertilizer prices may soon fall in Western Canada

'After two years of the market cheating rates, we expect demand to rebound.'

Why China’s economic slump might spare agricultural exports

'We’re seeing much slower growth than we’re used to seeing in China,' says economist

U.S. ethanol sector feels under siege

Industry points the finger mainly at government’s focus on electric vehicles, but recent fuel tax credits are also criticized The product that sparked the first big global grain rally of the 21st...

Clean fuel regs backlash blamed on flawed assumption: industry group

Feds pressured to ‘rethink’ program, but biofuel sector points finger at faulty economic assessment that inflated costs

Grower input wanted on Canada's organic standards

New standards expected to be published in December 2025

Feds’ decision on $2B Delta terminal expansion expected in coming months

The federal government is expected to soon render a crucial decision on a proposed new container terminal at the Port of Vancouver. Ottawa has told the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority it has all the...

B.C. funds giant bio-diesel project at Burnaby refinery

Two-plant refinery could generate 720 million litres of low-carbon gasoline and diesel fuel each year by 2026