Stefan Labbé

B.C. First Nation Elders say salmon catches have dropped 83%

In 48 interviews, Elders recounted decades of fishing experiences and how they fear factors out of their control — like climate change, fish farms and disease — put salmon most at risk.

Why COVID-19 killed more in some Canadian neighbourhoods than others

A Statistics Canada study found that in 2020, Canadian neighbourhoods with higher concentrations of seniors died at a rate nearly six times higher than the Canadian average; in immigrant dominated...

'Blind to women's realities': Uber and Doordash put workers at risk, find B.C. researchers

Gig-working apps like Uber and Doordash fail to acknowledge the realities of women workers' experiences, thus putting them at personal and financial risk, according to new study

B.C. seeks public's help in push to ban wildlife-killing rodenticides

As the B.C. government seeks public input on its plan to ban all public and most commercial rodenticides, some advocates say the exemptions leave wildlife vulnerable

'Everybody is concerned': Third B.C. farm confirms avian flu outbreak

The Canadian Food and Inspection Agency has confirmed a third outbreak of a highly pathogenic avian influenza strain in B.C.

Heat dome primed B.C. coastlines to resemble subtropical East Asia, says researcher

The 2021 heat dome rose temperatures above 50 C along shorelines, baking to death at least one billion sea creatures. That estimate could be 10 times higher, says one scientist, in a die-off that...

Bird that nests in B.C.'s old-growth trees in decline because of logging, says court filing

As few as 263,000 marbled murrelets are left, including at least 50,000 in British Columbia

BC Hydro failing to fix environmental damage from dams, claims audit request

Conservation groups allege BC Hydro is not allocating enough money to correct dam-triggered damage to fish and wildlife

'A big crisis': How B.C.'s family doctor shortage is spreading

Once a model for community health, a small island in British Columbia grapples with losing its only doctor – and risks joining 900,000 British Columbians without a family physician

What will happen when a tsunami hits B.C.?

Sooner or later, another tsunami will hit a B.C. coastline, inlet or lake. Here's what you need to know