Stefan Labbé

Net benefits to Canada went unquestioned in big forestry buyouts

Canadian officials declined to say whether Paper Excellence, the country's largest forestry company, was linked to an overseas conglomerate

$13.5B buyout a 'wake-up call' for Canadian banking's green agenda

More than a dozen environmental groups are warning Canada’s competition watchdog that the Royal Bank of Canada’s multibillion-dollar proposed takeover of HSBC Canada would limit sustainable banking...

B.C. forestry company said it had links to Asian conglomerate until 2015

Canada's largest forestry company denies current links with global giant Asia Pulp and Paper

B.C.'s 'dirty dozen' mines called out in new report

As Canada aims to ramp up extraction of critical minerals, a new report calls out several B.C. mines for their environmental records and risky operations

Amid EV boom, B.C. urban gas prices to climb past $2/litre

Forecast suggests B.C. residents should brace for high gas prices this week with some areas around Vancouver and Victoria expected to climb past $2 per litre

Report says it has debunked claims B.C. gas will be a 'bridge fuel'

A new report says it has debunked claims B.C. gas could be used as a 'bridge fuel,' and that ramping up LNG projects could undermine a shift to renewable energy around the world

B.C. port expansion threatens endangered killer whales, claims court challenge

Controversial port expansion at Roberts Bank faces judicial review after environmental groups claim it will jeopardize endangered killer whale population

Only two major Canadian grocers label 'farmed salmon,' finds report

Sustainability scorecard reveals slip in Canadian grocery stores' seafood sustainability practices, with only two labeling farmed salmon correctly — Costco and Metro

Canadians face three times more health-care debt than Australians, survey shows

Canadians face an average of more than $US6,000 in medical debt, largely driven by dental bills and prescription medication, a new poll has found

Experts, feds slam report saying clean fuel regulation will hit poor Canadians hardest

Parliamentary Budget Officer report finds federal regulations to reduce the carbon pollution from gasoline and diesel will hit poorer Canadians harder, but experts say the analysis is flawed