Stefan Labbé

B.C. making COVID-19 vaccine a 'condition of employment' for all health-care workers

The new mandatory vaccination order will apply to a wide section of health-care workers, students and volunteers, and will come into effect Oct. 26

'Everything is changing': Unvaccinated British Columbians get first dose

Unvaccinated British Columbians cite a number of reasons for waiting. For some, a new proof of vaccination plan is finally driving them to get their first jab

B.C. forests are 'bonfires waiting to go off' — are more fires the solution?

There are billions of tonnes of wood fuel waiting to ignite B.C. forests, a recent white paper shows. As climate change leads to hotter, drier summers, could prescribed fire be the solution? Is it...

Did the B.C. heat wave offer a bumper crop for cannabis?

Two cannabis producers share their experience with last week’s heat wave

BC Hydro warns of 'EV bottleneck' due to pent-up pandemic demand

Electric vehicle sales in B.C. accounted for almost 10% of car sales in 2020, the highest rate per capita in North America

Ottawa to stage 350 soldiers, 6 aircraft to fight B.C. wildfires

Feds say emergency response officials and military had already trained to respond to flooding or wildfire during the COVID-19 pandemic

B.C. seeks military assistance to fight 130-plus active wildfires

The province has requested additional firefighters and resources through the Canadian Interagency Forest Fire Centre

B.C. records nearly 500 deaths and counting during heat wave

The BC Coroners Service has launched an investigation to find out what the province could have done better to prepare for the heat wave

'Like a bowl of milk': B.C.'s disappearing glaciers threatens lives, tourism

Every year, the province's glaciers lose enough water to fill BC Place Stadium 8,300 times. The province's scientists and outdoor community worry that's putting people and wildlife at risk

Vancouver votes down plan to delay climate action

Vancouver city council voted down a staff recommendation to delay a zero-emissions building plan to help reduce a backlog in building permit applications — three other measures passed