Stefan Labbé

British Columbians can now get $9,000 in EV rebates

The B.C. government is increasing the maximum electric vehicle rebate to $4,000 in a new program targeting individuals who earn less than $80,000 per year

Metro Vancouver defers vote to oppose LNG plant expansion

FortisBC claimed Metro staff submitted an inaccurate and imbalanced report recommending Metro Vancouver oppose the Tilbury LNG expansion plant in Delta, B.C.

Canada sued in federal court over B.C. oil and gas 'sleeper' permits

Two environmental groups are suing the Canadian government for what they claim are unlawful extensions of offshore oil and gas permits dating back to the 1960s.

Blanket metaphor helps convince people climate change isn't natural, finds study

Researchers found basic information about the human causes of climate change can convince people people across the political spectrum

Wuhan market ground zero for COVID-19 pandemic, confirm two studies

“There's a very, very strong case that the Huanan market was indeed the epicentre,” said one of the researchers

B.C. workers warned to look out for heat injuries as temperatures soar

WorkSafeBC puts out a warning as an incoming heat wave expected to bring peak temperatures to 40 C in some parts of the province this week

Failure of B.C.'s mine tailings dams could put thousands of lives at risk, says report

As mine tailings dams grow in size and number, a new analysis warns thousands of lives could be put at risk if they fail

Air pollution leading to almost 8,000 Canadian deaths per year, says study

"There's really no safe level of air pollution," says the study's lead author.

Scientists warn nuclear war could trigger mass ocean die-offs, new 'ice age'

The idea of nuclear winter has been around for decades. But what would happen to the oceans? What would happen to the millions of species that call it home, and the others — including humans — that...

Home sales in B.C.'s Fraser Valley fall 43% in one year

Sales will continue to decline over the near term, according to the CEO of the Fraser Valley Real Estate Board