Stefan Labbé

B.C. bug bake off — a gimmick or a glimpse into the future of the food business?

From beef tacos wrapped in cricket flour-laced tortillas to mealworm ginger sugar cookies, a panel of judges had their work cut out for them at the Great UBC Bug Bake Off

Canada's mortality rate spikes, life expectancy dips for third straight year

For the first time last year, COVID-19 climbed into the third leading cause of death in Canada, behind heart disease and cancer

Climate summit host used talks as platform for oil and gas deals that included Canada

One briefing note shows the UAE’s state oil company is 'willing to jointly evaluate international LNG opportunities' with Canada and other countries

B.C lawyer caught in $78M fraud case, disbarred for money laundering

'The public must know that illegal activities by lawyers will be severely sanctioned,' wrote the Law Society of British Columbia.

B.C. lawyer disbarred for misappropriating $62K from client

Client left with 'immense stress and anxiety' after money was misappropriated from her employer and disability insurer

As B.C. glaciers retreat, gold mining companies stake claims in new salmon habitat

Salmon habitat or gold mine? In the wake of melting glaciers, new prospects open up along the B.C.-Alaska border

B.C. Liberal MP urges immediate emissions cap on oil and gas sector

In a letter to cabinet, Liberal MP Patrick Weiler called on government to set an emissions cap that "does not contain any extensions, exceptions or loopholes."

B.C. groups intervene in legal bid to rein in weak government climate targets

Ontario Court of Appeal case could act as a 'sword' to hold B.C. and federal climate targets in check, says lawyer

'Desperate' Metro Vancouver renews $3.5B infrastructure plea to feds

Metro Vancouver board chair George Harvie asked Ottawa Friday to pay for a third of a $10-billion wastewater plant upgrade and over $200 million for affordable housing

B.C. group offers model for national climate corps

A new poll has found most Canadians support a new youth climate corps to fight disasters and drive down carbon emissions. Advocates say a pilot program showing what's possible could be 'British...