Stefan Labbé

Vancouver urges residents to download emergency alert app

The Alertable app provides location-specific warnings, including everything from road closures due to flooding and landslides to incoming extreme weather, major fires and hazardous material spills

500 cows killed in B.C. floodwaters, says dairy association

80% of B.C.'s milk is making it to market, enough to supply the province. But an incoming storm worries dairy farmers

Urban British Columbians 'overconfident' they can deal with storm fallout: BC Hydro

Despite rising threats due to climate change, more than half of British Columbians don't have an emergency kit. Among the least prepared are Metro Vancouver residents, the province's biggest urban...

'We need to accelerate': Vancouver emissions drop 15% in over a decade

As of 2020, 57% of carbon pollution in Vancouver came from burning natural gas in buildings, and 37% was emitted from gas- and diesel-powered vehicles

Metro Vancouver utility fees could spike to almost $1,000 by 2026

Metro Vancouver recommends raising fees by 65% by 2026 to pay for big upgrades to the region's water and sewer infrastructure

This Vancouver landfill could soon heat your home. Should it?

An estimated 485,000 tonnes of carbon-dioxide equivalent are expected to be removed from the atmosphere over the next decade — but what are the limitations of renewable gas?

Vancouver votes down ambitious climate parking plan

The failed motion would have cut emissions by up to 14% and raised roughly $60 million for alternative transportation like EV charging stations, pedestrian crossings and dedicated bus lanes. What...

Court denies restaurateurs' bid for judicial review over Park Drive bike lane

Owners of the Teahouse, Stanley Park Pavilion and Prospect Point Bar and Grill took the Vancouver Park Board to court earlier this year over its decision to convert a Stanley Park roadway into a bike...

B.C. making COVID-19 vaccine a 'condition of employment' for all health-care workers

The new mandatory vaccination order will apply to a wide section of health-care workers, students and volunteers, and will come into effect Oct. 26

'Everything is changing': Unvaccinated British Columbians get first dose

Unvaccinated British Columbians cite a number of reasons for waiting. For some, a new proof of vaccination plan is finally driving them to get their first jab