Stefan Labbé

Startup using drones to replant B.C.’s burnt forests

Swarms of seed-bearing drones can replant scorched land much quicker and sooner than conventional tree planters, company says

B.C. calls on public as it looks to 'future-proof' province from floods

To counter increased risks to flooding, the B.C. government wants to improve flood maps, plan for community retreat in high-risk areas, and open up natural floodplains to give water a place to go....

Canada's logging emissions on par with Alberta oil sands, says report

A new report finds logging in Canada produced a net 75 megatonnes of carbon emissions in 2020, more than the emissions from the country's electricity output and on par with its largest oil-producing...

Competition Bureau to investigate RBC over 'false or misleading' environmental claims

An RBC spokesperson says the bank disagrees with the allegations and that the complaint is unfounded

Metro Vancouver gas prices set to see 'historic' drop

Metro Vancouver's gasoline prices are set to fall a record 35 cents in one day, while Victoria will see a 26-cent drop

B.C. government challenged in court over 'vague' climate plan

B.C. voters are being left in the dark when it comes to how the provincial government is revealing its plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, claimed lawyers in a pivotal case heard Tuesday in a...

B.C. First Nations call for action following endangered sturgeon deaths

The group would like to see all parties come up with a new water management regime that would protect both sturgeon and sockeye salmon

Half of B.C. residents say it's getting harder to feed themselves

More than half of British Columbians say it is becoming less affordable to feed themselves, according to a new survey.  The Ipsos poll, carried out on behalf of the national accounting firm MNP,...

B.C. researchers just invented a plastic replacement that could help prevent wildfires

UBC researchers pulled cellulose from wood fuels left in B.C.'s forests. They then repurposed it into a biodegradable film that mimics plastic, helping solve two problems at once

Climate change threatening butterflies’ pollen-collecting powers, find B.C. researchers

An integral part of a vast array of insect pollinators, the shrinking of butterflies due to rising temperatures could have drastic consequences for agriculture