Stefan Labbé

B.C. government seeks public feedback on disaster financial aid

The call for input comes less than two weeks after a B.C. ombudsman report found the province's emergency support programs for disaster evacuees are outdated, under-resourced, inaccessible and poorly...

'Mind-boggling': Report finds Metro Vancouver needs 100K more public EV charging stations

A leaked letter outlines examples of lack of action and statements of misinformation by Surrey Mayor Brenda Locke and city council

B.C. climate tax credit set to increase this week

More than 2M British Columbians expected to receive climate action tax credit

British Columbia logged a fifth more old-growth forests than reported

In 2021, old-growth logging was 19% higher than originally claimed by the Ministry of Forests, when it said logging rates had hit 'record lows'

The Vancouver restaurants ditching gas stoves for electric induction

Some are hailing the rise of induction stoves as a new era in climate-friendly cooking. But for others, retrofitting commercial kitchens with the new technology is still too expensive

Old-growth logging, road building can proceed in B.C. without First Nation consent, says memo

A May 2023 memo from BC Timber Sales gives direction for logging to proceed in certain old-growth forests where First Nations haven't responded or where road building elsewhere is deemed not...

Heat pumps outperform gas even in coldest temperatures, finds Canadian researcher

New study reveals heat pumps outperform gas and resistive heating, even in sub-zero temperatures found across many parts of British Columbia

B.C.'s forests are becoming more flammable due to climate change, finds study

New study finds rising temperatures due to climate change have dried out B.C.'s forests, leading to a historic spike in wildfire activity over the past two decades.

Metro Vancouver endorses plan for carbon-neutral agriculture by 2050

Agricultural land, which makes up 20% of Metro Vancouver's land base, faces a number of threats from climate change, including extreme flooding, shifting temperatures and rainfall patterns, and new...

B.C. a summer hot spot for climate-driven warming, study finds

A new study has found that during the Northern Hemisphere's summer, climate change boosted temperatures for over half the world's population