Timothy Renshaw

Updated: Asia-Pacific maritime cargo congestion easing but far from over

Transpacific container traffic to B.C. and other West Coast ports is still bogged down by supply chain bottlenecks

B.C. at the bottom of global port efficiency index

World Bank Group’s second annual container port performance report ranks West Coast North America ports as least efficient 

Cargo congestion easing, but peak season chaos looms large 

Containerized cargo congestion on the transpacific trade loop appears to be easing, but maritime freight delivery efficiency and reliability are still far below pre-pandemic standards.  Earlier this...

UPDATED: Some relief from global supply chain congestion on the horizon

Transpacific transit times are improving, but cargo movement inefficiencies, disruptions, port shutdowns, Russian invasion continue to stall goods movement recovery

West Coast adventures in electric automobile land

5,000-kilometre test drive down North America’s electric avenue confirms long-haul EV viability

Global shipping companies struggle with trillion-dollar challenge to cut CO2 emissions

Regulation, infrastructure, financing among net-zero challenges for cargo carriers grappling with a multitrillion-dollar decarbonization challenge

Ocean container cargo carriers buoyed by massive surge in cash flow

Vancouver-based Seaspan Corp. celebrates its 20th anniversary with spike in profit and rapid container ship fleet expansion

Seeking answers to transpacific cargo congestion questions

Analysis | Forecasts from global shipping analysts see maritime supply chain bottlenecks persisting for another year

Transpacific cargo congestion creates B.C. port opportunities

Strategic supply chain infrastructure investment needed to lure more major container shipping lines north from U.S. ports

Global maritime cargo carriers grapple with the great digital divide

Cost, collaboration, complexity key challenges in digitizing the world's marine freight movement