Trevor Lautens

Fearless predictions: a Green grip on the balance of power in B.C.

BC Liberal Leader Christy Clark faces four opponents: New Democrats; Greens; the low-amplitude popular boredom with even good leaders tarrying too long; and her party record. The too-politely named...

Atop the Christmas list for West Vancouver’s ailing retail sector: some business prosperity

West Vancouver, the wealthy widow of Metro, might well ask Santa for Christmas: please, how about some nice fresh prosperity for our businesses? Especially for the main business stem, Marine Drive,...

BIV 25th Anniversary: 25 years on: B.C. retains its economic and lifestyle allure for easterners and others

The photo of a woman recently caught my eye. Days later I casually read the caption. No! Really? She was a meltingly brown-eyed blossom of a teenager when we casually met 25 years ago. Now she was a...

Weighing up the new realities of wealth inequality

There are more rhinestones than gems in the Internet’s homespun humour

Ottawa terrorist attack rattled markets but galvanized the nation

Apart from denouncing Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, the convert to radical Islam who shot the unarmed Cpl. Cirillo, you had to take comfort that the assassin’s cause suffered a richly deserved humiliation

U.S. regulatory system becoming an international business bully

The Economist’s examples of state bullying include BP’s $13 billion settlement for its Gulf of Mexico oil spill

Core of B.C. teachers union in serious need of housecleaning

The abusive power of the neo-Marxist ideologues who have dominated the core of the BC Teachers’ Federation (BCTF) for decades must be crushed

Pros and cons of a separate Scotland

Syria. Iraq. Ukraine. Somalia. And more. Racked by nationalist violence. In contrast, Scotland's referendum September 18 to separate from the United Kingdom is marked by almost a caricature of...

August remains a deadly month in the war and plunder business

But for that general’s surrender … our economy, a 10th of the American, might have become far richer. No trade disputes, no loonie at a premium or a discount

A fond farewell to St. Pierre and the glory days of dailies, CKNW

Paul St. Pierre died aged 90 last month, and the daily newspapers he adorned look a little wan too. Abandoning characteristic diplomacy, Vancouver Sun deskman Ron Riter, equipped with the keenest of...