Tyler Orton

Vancouver’s Foodee makes first acquisition with $13m in new financing in hand

What happened: Office food delivery firm acquires U.S. competitor Why it matters: Acquisition comes as future of offices remain uncertain Foodee Media Inc. is hoping its first-ever acquisition will...

B.C. tech poised to capitalize on U.S. pandemic stumbles

Freer international travel, more progressive immigration policies among B.C. advantages

Pandemic recalibrates screen habits, online abuse

Spike in social media use during lockdown sparks content moderation rethink

Ride hailing attempts pandemic course correction

Lyft’s B.C. general manager says Phase 3 marks ‘relaunching’ of stalled services

B.C. farmers turn to automation amid labour shortages

What happened: Buyer places order for 14 automated machines designed for farming Why it matters: Order comes as shortages in labour pool draw concerns amid pandemic As the COVID-19 crisis exposes...

B.C. adds 118,100 jobs in June

What happened: Province adds 118,100 jobs last month Why it matters: The big gains come as B.C. moves into next phase of economic restart plan B.C. added 118,100 jobs in June as the province made...

Lyft expands ride-hailing services throughout Metro Vancouver

What happened: Lyft expands service area in Metro Vancouver Why it matters: The move comes as economy moves into Phase 3 of economic restart plan Metro Vancouver residents looking for more...

B.C.’s COVID-19 robots prep for deployment at hospitals, labs

What happened: Supercluster selects B.C. robotics projects for funding  Why it matters: Projects aim to use robots to help clean facilities amid pandemic Visits to Vancouver General Hospital (VGH)...

B.C. housing starts static in June: CMHC

What happened: Housing starts show little change in activity month to month Why it matters: B.C. appears to be an outlier compared with national numbers Housing starts in B.C. remained flat in June...

B.C. startups navigate new realities of launching in pandemic

From fundraising to government support, Vancouver startup face profound challenges ahead