Business Excellence Series: Cybersecurity


Now that work-from-home is commonplace, the challenge of cybersecurity is clearer. Customers and shareholders are demanding safety of their data and companies are realizing that the inconvenience of the pandemic on their systems now needs to be fully addressed. Our expert panel will examine the threats that won't go away and how businesses have responded --- and not --- to maintain trust in the reliability and integrity of their technology.


Alvin Madar

Partner, Cybersecurity, Privacy and Financial Crime and National Cybersecurity Leader, PwC Canada

Alvin Madar is a Cybersecurity, Privacy and Financial Crime Partner and National Leader for Cybersecurity at PwC Canada. He helps his clients manage their cybersecurity programs with confidence – by uncovering cybersecurity issues, developing strategies, and assisting in cybersecurity implementations. For over 20 years, Alvin has been advising global organizations through complex IT transformations. He has designed and implemented numerous solutions in identity management, data leakage prevention, security event and information management, security operations centre, vulnerability management, and GRC (governance, risks, and compliance). As a result, he has become a specialist in every industry sector – from Healthcare and Telecom to Financial Services and Entertainment.


Rohit Rai

CEO, Dragonscale Industries

Rohit Rai is a seasoned technologist and serial entrepreneur with over two decades of experience across diverse tech domains. Early in his career, when not experimenting with his own startups, he worked for Pramati and consulted with well-known names like Sun Microsystems, Intel and TubeMogul.

He was co-founder and CEO of Tuplejump, Inc., which Apple acquired to boost its ML game. Rohit built a diverse, high-performing, co-creative team crafting and operating the data science platform at Apple.

His love for new challenges led him to start Dragonscale Industries Inc. with his friends from Apple, combining their passion for AI and Web3 to create a Cybersecurity Intelligence Platform, building a source of trust for the next billion users.

Driven by an abundance mindset, Rohit's career is characterized by his entrepreneurial spirit, a strong commitment to innovation, a focus on collaboration and co-creation, and a passionate belief that technological progress will solve all our world's problems.

Dominic Vogel

Founder & CEO, CyberSC

Dominic is a well-respected cyber security thought leader for appearing on media news outlets across North America and Internationally on BBC World News.

Dominic serves as the CEO of CyberSC, a local cyber security leadership company, and hosts the Cyber Security Matters Podcast, a highly regarded podcast that explores the intersection between cyber security and business.

He is also a self-professed positive troll and believes in the power of uplifting others through his coaching practice.


Kirk LaPointe

Publisher and Executive Editor, Business in Vancouver & Vice-President, Editorial, Glacier Media

Kirk has led Canadian broadcast, print and digital media organizations for more than three decades, holding the senior editorial roles at CTV News, Southam News and The Hamilton Spectator. He is a former Ottawa Bureau Chief and General News Editor of The Canadian Press, a former host on CBC Newsworld, the founding executive editor of National Post, the former ombudsman of the CBC, former managing editor of The Vancouver Sun and a host on Roundhouse Radio. He has been Canadian Editor for Billboard Magazine and station manager of CKLN Ryerson, an advisor to the publisher of the Toronto Star, and publisher and editor in chief at Self-Counsel Press. Kirk is currently the Publisher and Executive Editor at Business in Vancouver and Vice-President Editorial, Glacier Media, and he teaches Ethics and Leadership as an Adjunct Professor and Executive-in-Residence at UBC's Graduate School of Journalism.



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