Business Excellence Series: Supply Chain


Several times a year, BIV hosts a moderated panel discussion on a topic that is top of mind/current with our influential business audience. Other topics have included Blockchain, Buying & Selling a Business and Retirement. The event takes place between 3:30pm – 6pm in Vancouver. It begins with a 45 min panel discussion, Q & A from a very engaged audience followed by an open bar and appetizers for networking. Our readers are interested, engaged, and want to be there as these are ticketed events.

It is an informative panel discussion, an opportunity for you to directly reach your potential clients/stakeholders through multiple touch points and marketing channels. The comprehensive sponsorship package will enhance your brand and align you with thought leaders influential in their business community today. You will meet and promote your company to Metro Vancouver’s business community through networking, branded messaging in print and online, and ancillary messaging through event photos, social media, and print.

Join us for our next Business Excellence Series: Supply Chain!

The outbreak of COVID shattered the profound supply chains enabled by globalization, and that breakdown contributed to today's persistent inflation. All over the world, companies and institutions are attempting to not only "restore" but "reshore" their supply chains to make local economies more resilient to further disruption. But many countries lack the resources to serve their domestic needs, so new strategies are being pursued to ensure businesses and consumers continue to find the materials and products they need. The challenges of this new environment --- how the supply chain is maintained, what tactics are needed to stay productive and serve customers, how technology is evolving to assist --- are some of the topics for our expert panel July 19 in a conversation that will benefit businesses in both domestic and export markets.


GCT June 2021

GCT June 2021