Biggest engineering firms in B.C. in 2022


Ranked by number of B.C.-registered professional engineers in 2022

Published March 14, 2022. Sources: Interviews with companies below and BIV research. Other firms may have ranked but did not provide information by deadline.

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Rank '22 Company Top local executive(s) Specialties No. B.C. P.Engs. '22/'21

WSP Canada Inc
840 Howe St Suite 1000, Vancouver V6Z 2M1
P: 604-736-5421 F: 604-736-1519

Angus English, vice-president, water and wastewater, Neil McQuitty, vice-president, earth and environment, Tamsin Silvester, vice-president, transportation systems

Provides engineering, technical expertise and strategic advice to clients in the transportation and infrastructure; property and buildings; earth and environment; and energy, resources and industry sectors



SNC-Lavalin Inc
745 Thurlow St Suite 1100, Vancouver V6E 0C5
P: 604-662-3555 F: 604-662-7688

Adam Christian, vice-president, rail and transit, B.C., Ryan MacPherson, vice-president, transportation and infrastructure, B.C. , Chris Lach, vice-president, environment and geoscience, B.C./Y.T., Vinod Batta, vice-president, power solutions, Andrew Karvonen, senior vice-president, engineering services

Consulting and advisory, intelligent networks and cybersecurity, design and engineering, procurement, project management, operations and maintenance, decommissioning and sustaining capital



111 Dunsmuir St Suite 1100, Vancouver V6B 6A3
P: 604-696-8000 F: 604-696-8100

Brian Yates, vice-president and regional leader

Buildings engineering, architecture and interior design, planning and landscape architecture, transportation, industrial, urban land, water and wastewater, program and project management, facilities planning and operations, environmental



111 Dunsmuir St Suite 400, Vancouver V6B 5W3
P: 604-664-4315 F: NP

Kris Homer, vice-president, North America, mining and minerals

Project management, engineering, procurement, operations, construction, mining, oil and gas, resilient environments (water treatment, ecology, geotechnical), consulting, decarbonization, renewable and conventional energy and power



3292 Production Way Suite 330, Burnaby V5A 4R4
P: 604-444-6400 F: 604-294-8597

David Main, vice-president, B.C regional manager, Eric Smith, vice-president and director of operations, transportation

Transportation, water, building engineering, energy, environment, architecture, design, planning and economics, government mining, oil and gas, program cost consultancy, program management


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