Breaking Stereotypes: Women Who Lead | Mastermind Workshop

Interactive mastermind session focused on channeling your leadership voice with Guest Expert, Humaira Ahmed, Founder of Locelle.

About this Event
Gender stereotypes kill a woman’s self-confidence and the best way to break stereotypes is to speak up and take action.

Hervana, Locelle, MyCEO and Women in Tech World are partnering to host a mastermind session where you will get to share your ideas and experiences, learn how to harness your leadership voice amongst gender stereotypes in the work place and be supported by successful women and peers.

Join us in this casual mastermind workshop where the main goal is to get women together, learn from each other and inspire you to make bold moves to accelerate your career or business.

GUEST EXPERT: Humaira Ahmed, Founder of Locelle

Humaira Ahmed is the Founder and CEO of Locelle - a matchmaking platform to connect and engage women in the workplaces for support and mentorship. As a Pakistani born Canadian entrepreneur, Humaira is passionate about diversity in our Startup ecosystem as well as in traditionally male-dominated industries. Being a woman of colour, immigrant, and having a background in Software Engineering, Humaira is inspiring many women to pursue their passions into entrepreneurship.


want to learn how to navigate stereotypes and channel your leadership voice
want to build your own personal board of directors to accelerate your career or business
love connecting with and supporting other women in business and tech