Emotional Design Psychology & Neuroscience - Training week (Vancouver)

In 1 week, our two courses will teach you how to build higher impact websites, apps and digital campaigns with psychology and emotional design neuroscience.

DBC Knowledge/Skills
Our 1st course, "Psychology for Digital Behavior Change", will teach you over 50 behavior change principles and psychological design patterns, as well as how to use psychology as the basis for digital strategy, UX, and creative design.

You will learn how to carry out a full behavioral design process and gain experience blending psychology with standard industry tools from UX, web design, marketing, content strategy and more. While we coach you through the behavioral design process, you can drive forward any project you chose, leading to a set of psychology-inspired specs, prototypes and lo-fi mocks.

EDP Knowledge/Skills
Our 2nd course, "Emotional Design Psychology and Neuroscience", will teach you how emotions drive behavior, which emotions you need to target for different interactive design applications, as well as how to design for several distinct emotional motivators.

You will learn specific strategies for targeting different emotions and emotional transitions, while gaining experience building creative content that is hyper-targeted to specific emotional motivators.

For the hands-on portion, you'll learn how to bring an emotionally intelligent polish to your digital work.

The Courses
Both courses take a radically different approach to digital behavior change and focus on distinct hands-on skills in the digital behavioral design process. You can take either or both for a comprehensive learning experience.