ESG Matters: Empowering Transformation for a Regenerative Future

PBLI is proud to introduce, "ESG Matters: Empowering Transformation for a Regenerative Future" in collaboration with its Partner Sponsor, Bennett Jones LLP. This new program is dedicated to accelerating sustainability and fostering Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) excellence.

Embracing ESG matters is no longer just an ethical imperative. It has become a business necessity. Companies are increasingly being held accountable not only for their financial performance but also for their impact on the environment, society and how they govern themselves. Stakeholders, shareholders, and regulators expect organizations to integrate ESG considerations into their strategies. Beyond external pressure, organizations that embrace ESG can create a more resilient, forward-thinking, and purpose-driven organization. This event will bring together legal professionals and corporate leaders to find solutions to the biggest ESG challenges facing businesses today and to explore the pivotal role of ESG in shaping a better tomorrow. Join us to unlock the potential of ESG to drive positive change.

Seats are limited, so register now to secure your spot at this exclusive event.

Key Areas Addressed:
- In-house and External Lawyers as ESG Catalysts: Discover how legal professionals can drive transformative change by spearheading ESG strategies within organizations. Gain valuable insights into navigating the legal landscape and leveraging the power of compliance to achieve sustainable outcomes.
- Gaining Board Buy-in for ESG: Unlock the secrets to securing board-level commitment to ESG initiatives. Learn from the trailblazers who led their organizations towards successfully integrating ESG into their corporate vision, driving financial and societal impact.
- Identifying and Mitigating ESG Risks: Explore the critical process of identifying, measuring, and addressing key ESG risks within your organization. Discover innovative strategies to mitigate potential challenges, ensuring long-term sustainability and resilience.
- ESG and Financial Disclosure: Regulatory changes are coming. Hear directly from policymakers about emerging rules and regulatory objectives, and equip your organization with the tools and knowledge needed to navigate the increasingly complex landscape of ESG reporting.
- Addressing Social Issues: Delve into the complex intersection of business and social responsibility. Engage with experts to explore best practices for defining, measuring, and addressing diverse social impact issues, including employee well-being, engagement with Indigenous communities, and diversity, equity and inclusion efforts.
- Best Practices for ESG Alignment: Learn from industry pioneers who have successfully aligned their business strategies with ESG initiatives and policies. Gain practical insights into how to move beyond viewing ESG as a marketing strategy, ways to define key impact areas specific to an organization, and strategies to align your organization around a shared vision.

Who Should Attend:
- Corporate Executives and Leaders: CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, and other high-level executives who drive the strategic direction of a company and are responsible for making decisions related to ESG initiatives.
- Board members: Incorporating ESG considerations into board-level discussions and decision-making is becoming crucial. Board members who actively learn about and engage with ESG can drive positive outcomes for the company, its stakeholders, and the broader society.
- Investors: Institutional investors, asset managers, and individual investors who are increasingly considering ESG factors when making investment decisions.
- Sustainability, Compliance, and ESG Professionals: Individuals who work specifically in roles related to sustainability, environmental management, social responsibility, compliance, and corporate governance, including sustainability officers, ESG analysts, and CSR managers.
- Consultants, Lawyers, and Advisors: Professionals from consulting firms, law firms, and advisory companies, as well as in-house counsel, who provide guidance and services related to ESG strategy, reporting, and compliance.
- Regulators and Policy Makers: Representatives from government agencies and regulatory bodies who are involved in setting and enforcing ESG-related regulations and standards.
- Academics and Researchers: Experts in fields such as sustainability, economics, social sciences, and corporate governance who contribute to the intellectual discussions around ESG practices and their impacts.
- Nonprofit Organizations and NGOs: Representatives from nonprofit organizations and non-governmental organizations that focus on environmental and social issues, as well as those advocating for responsible corporate behavior.
- Suppliers and Partners: Representatives from companies that provide products or services related to sustainable technologies, renewable energy, ethical supply chains, and other ESG-related solutions.
- Students and Educators: Students studying business, sustainability, economics, and related fields, as well as educators who incorporate ESG topics into their curriculum.
- Community Representatives: Individuals from local communities and environmental groups who are interested in understanding how companies are engaging with social and environmental issues.
- Technology Innovators: Professionals involved in developing technologies and innovations that contribute to sustainable practices and solutions, such as renewable energy, waste reduction, and efficient resource management.

Attend in-person (Downtown Vancouver @ Bennett Jones LLP) or via live webinar.

To register
By phone: 604-730-2500