The Impact of UNDRIP on Resource Development Projects

Canada’s United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) Act received Royal Assent in June 2021, marking a historic milestone in Canada. This legislation is paving the way for new relationships, agreements, and shared decision-making with Indigenous governments.

Resource developers need to navigate the legal, regulatory, financial, and reputational risks associated with development on traditional Indigenous lands. Many initiatives are underway to resolve expectations between resource developers and Indigenous communities. We will explore how Indigenous communities can use UNDRIP to gain economic participation in resource developments on their traditional lands.

While the law in this area continues to evolve, it also creates opportunities for parties who proactively identify and manage these issues. Our experts will cover the implications of recent court decisions and provide case studies of success stories from both industry and Indigenous communities. Attend this program to stay up to date on the latest developments that will impact current and future projects.

Key Areas Addressed: - The interplay between UNDRIP and the duty to consult - Potential jurisdictional considerations - Free, prior and informed consent - Environmental and impact assessments on major resource projects - Measuring cumulative effects - Implications of the Yahey Decision and the Blueberry River First Nations Implementation Agreement - Case update on the Gitxaala mining case before the BC Supreme Court in April - Consent-based negotiations, effective practices, recent agreements and success stories - Using UNDRIP to further joint decision making

Who Should Attend: - Indigenous leaders, officials, councillors, elders, negotiators, administrators, and advisors - Lawyers practising in the areas of Indigenous law, administrative law, and business law, and lawyers who advise clients on major development projects or environmental issues - Owners, managers, and representatives of resource development companies - Federal, provincial and municipal government officials, policy advisors, and regulatory bodies - Engineering and environmental service firms - Consultants, accountants, financial planners, and others advising on projects involving First Nations

Attend in-person (Downtown Vancouver) or via live webinar.

To register Online: By phone: 604-730-2500