Indigenous Policing 2023

The focus on policing has become more intense. Police departments are being impacted by budget cuts, increased public scrutiny, and calls for greater accountability. Indigenous communities face racism, and higher crime and incarceration rates than the rest of Canada. In the middle of great conflict, there are enormous opportunities for growth and progress. In these crisis times, it is crucial for all those involved with the system to explore and identify key elements in developing and implementing quality policing strategies and harm reduction measures for Indigenous communities.

Join us for as we bring together leading experts with a wealth of knowledge and experience. Attend this two-day program to hear critical insights and updates that are affecting Indigenous police services, and police serving Indigenous communities. This is essential learning for anyone interested in reconciliation and creating a better and safer future.

Key Areas Addressed:
- Building trust and community policing
- Resources to start stand-alone Indigenous policing services
- Recruiting and hiring for a diverse police force, and Indigenous representation on oversight boards
- Innovative approaches to policing
- Racism in policing
- Enforcing band by-laws
- Cannabis and enforcement
- Diffusing high-risk situations, and the police’s role in the social safety net
- The police’s role in the tragedy of residential schools, and where to go from here

Who Should Attend:
- Indigenous leaders, council members, elders, and members of Indigenous community organizations
- Indigenous police officers and Indigenous police boards members
- Members of municipal, provincial, and federal police services that serve and protect Indigenous communities
- Federal, provincial, territorial and municipal government officials
- Lawyers practising in the area of Indigenous justice, and members of the judiciary making decisions impacting Indigenous peoples and communities
- Parole and corrections officers, social workers, mental health workers, criminologists, court workers and others involved with the justice system

Indigenous Sponsorship Program
PBLI offers sponsored registrations to individuals of First Nation, Inuit, or Métis Descent. One sponsorship is available per program. This sponsorship program is designed to make the education and networking opportunities at our conferences more accessible to Indigenous communities. For application details, please click

Attend in-person (Downtown Vancouver).

To register
By phone: 604-730-2500