Indigenous Rights Beyond Borders

The traditional territories and resources of Indigenous communities and First Nations do not always fit neatly within the colonial constructs of provincial and international borders. With reconciliation efforts steadily under way, we now face critical and challenging issues for First Nations in border communities. Addressing these issues is crucial to upholding Indigenous rights and preserving cultural heritage, and all stakeholders will need to pay close attention to Indigenous cross-border issues due to their significant social, economic, and legal implications.

This program will bring together leading experts to explore current issues relating to Indigenous rights and borders. For example, how should treaties be enforced across jurisdictions? What happens when a project is approved in one jurisdiction, but has impacts on communities located in another? How does this impact consultation and who has standing to challenge a project? Is it time to rethink the idea of citizenship? This is sure to be an increasingly urgent issue in the years to come – you won’t want to miss this program.

Key Areas Addressed: - How R. v. Desautel could affect Indigenous groups with ties on both sides of the Canada-US border - Issues left unaddressed by the Supreme Court of Canada - The implications of the BC Blueberry River decision on treaty rights, cumulative impact assessments, and governments’ obligations - Key challenges and opportunities on projects that span multiple jurisdictions and territories - Recent developments in the law on when an Indigenous person can hunt outside of his or her ancestral territory, and the implications for other treaty rights - Examining the R. v. Dickson case before the Supreme Court of Canada, and the implications this could have for Indigenous governance and leadership selection moving forward - Mobility rights and UNDRIP - Potential solutions

Who Should Attend: - Indigenous leaders, officials, councillors, Elders, negotiators, administrators, and advisors - Lawyers practising in the areas of Indigenous law, immigration law, administrative law, human rights law, and constitutional law - Businesses and industries that have cross-border projects and operations - Federal, provincial and municipal government officials and policy advisors - Professionals working in the area of Indigenous relations - Negotiators and mediators for industry, government, and Indigenous communities

Attend in-person (Downtown Vancouver) or via live webinar.

To register Online: By phone: 604-730-2500