Need to Know: Finding that Balance

That darn balance question.

How to keep up with the running a family and running a business. Making time with friends and family while keeping your business afloat and moving forward.

Becoming an entrepreneur was supposed to free up your time so you could spend it with the people you love, but so often you’re being pulled away from your family during quality time, or you’re being pulled away from your business during work hours.

Women entrepreneurs are striving for better balance; it’s a common lament. How can you get that just right combination of quality family time, focused business time, and elusive me time?

Setting some clear boundaries and making choices is essential in finding that balance.

On Nov 22nd, join us as we talk about expectations and choices. Let’s talk about boundaries and how to get control of your life!

How we juggle our lives.
The choices we make
Managing Expectations: Yours and those of Others
Setting Boundaries and Taking Back Control.
Committing to Change
This workshop is designed to equip you with the tools to create the life balance you want.

You'll leave with a workbook and a reference sheet to help you successfully integrate the teaching into your life and into lasting change.

Light snacks and beverages will be served.

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