PBLI - Contentious Issues in Estate Administration

The administration of wills and estates is an increasingly complex area of law, and disputes can be time-consuming and emotionally and financially draining for all involved. Unfortunately, estate litigation is on the rise and certain topics and issues seem to come up repeatedly. To best serve and protect your clients’ wishes, it is imperative that all those involved in estate administration stay current on the most contentious issues facing administrators and advisors today, and how best to avoid and address them.

This program assembles a faculty of leading experts in the field who will examine the most commonly arising areas of contention in administering estates, and provide you with techniques to effectively avoid these problems, as well as best practices and advice to address the issues if and when they do arise.

Key Areas To Be Addressed:
• Recent court cases dealing with estate administration and lessons to take away
• Navigating probate when the circumstances are not simple
• Applications to remove or replace an executor or attorney
• Issues arising from complex family dynamics
• Contested committeeships
• Challenges around the passing of accounts

Who Should Attend?
• Wills, trusts and estate lawyers and their paralegals
• Estate litigators
• Personal representatives
• Trust officers
• Notaries

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