PBLI - Family Law 2019: Parenting and Custody

Parenting and custody considerations are some of the most delicate and complex issues faced by family law practitioners. The Family Law Act requires lawyers and others working with families to ensure that parents and the courts consider the best interests of children only. Disputes involving children can be damaging to the children and the family. Disputing parents can heighten intensity and create additional conflict and cost in already complex family disputes. Lawyers and others practising in this difficult area, along with their clients, benefit from maintaining an up-to-date understanding of the law, and of best practices, strategies and tools for resolving disputes and reducing conflict while protecting the best interests of the children.

This program brings together expert faculty who will provide you with insights into emerging trends and offer new techniques to solve parenting and custody issues. You will gain a solid understanding of some of the most pressing concerns facing you today, and you will leave with enhanced knowledge of the area, helpful tools, and practical sound strategies that you can put to use immediately in your practice. This program is essential for those seeking to remain current and discover new approaches to family law.

Key Areas Addressed:
- Hear the Child reports and guardianship
- Parenting coordination agreements and child support
- Arbitration and mediation-arbitration
- Managing cultural diversity in family law files

Who Should Attend?
- Lawyers of all levels advising on family law matters
- Family law arbitrators
- Family law mediators
- Government officials and employees engaged in family matters
- Family service providers

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