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The commercial real estate sector is complex and dynamic. Economic realities require new and creative approaches to sourcing, development and structuring in order for participants to stay competitive and innovate for growth. At the same time, the legal and regulatory environments are evolving and compliance is becoming more nuanced. To stay ahead of the curve, advisors, developers and other industry participants must keep informed of current trends and opportunities, as well as changes in the governing law.

This one-day program brings together an esteemed group of experts to guide you through the legal and regulatory tangle and offer creative strategies to stay competitive in an aggressive market. Participants will gain a better understanding of the current climate and learn practical and proactive strategies to successfully navigate their commercial real estate projects.

Key Areas Addressed:
• Developments in case law and legislation, including the Land Owner Transparency Act
• Recent amendments to the Real Estate Development Marketing Act and related issues
• Considerations for property development on First Nation lands
• Strata Property Act considerations
• Contractor insolvency issues and Builders Liens
• Issues surrounding crane swing and shoring easements
• Considerations arising from the current market

Who Should Attend?
• Real Estate Lawyers and their Paralegals
• Commercial Real Estate Developers and their Advisors
• Strata Owners and Operators
• Municipal Officials
• Financial Advisors

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