PBLI - Taxation of Common Business Transactions

Many business transactions carry tax implications that can be managed through careful planning and knowledge of the relevant rules. Whether a business is just starting out or is long-established, important decisions made every day can have tax implications down the road. Knowing when to make use of tax rollovers and other tools will allow business owners, managers, or advisors to optimize transactions.

At this conference, our expert faculty will cover the key considerations when comparing the taxation of various business transactions, including applicable anti-avoidance rules. Our faculty will highlight common and important issues affecting the taxation of corporate rollovers, partnership rollovers, corporate mergers and acquisitions of control. You will learn how to avoid common traps effectively, and how to structure transactions to reduce tax burdens.

Key Areas to be Addressed:
• Tax issues arising from common business transactions including corporate rollovers, partnership rollovers, corporate mergers and acquisitions of control
• The rules surrounding corporate capital losses
• The anti-avoidance rules that apply to common business transactions
• Special considerations for US-Canada transactions or transactions involving non-residents
• Post-mortem planning

Who Should Attend?
• Lawyers who practise in the areas of taxation, business law or estate planning
• Accountants practising in the areas of corporate taxation or advisory services for privately held businesses
• Owners and managers of businesses
• Financial planners and business consultants

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