Quantum Computing: Industrial & Commercial Applications

We are delighted to have D-Wave Systems, the world's first quantum computing company, in our first session of the year of the Vancouver Corporate Innovation Group. Jeremy Hilton, D-Wave's Senior VP of Technology will be introducing what quantum computing is and the technology's many applications currently being used to foster breakthroughs in science, engineering, healthcare, optimization, financial analysis, logistics and defence.

Join us for an insightful discussion on how this emerging technology is breaking new ground in a variety of industries, and how you and your organization could brandish the power of quantum computing as it is being democratized through online services like LEAP.

In their words:
D-Wave’s quantum computer leverages quantum dynamics to accelerate and enable new methods for solving discrete optimization, sampling, material science, and machine learning problems. Our mission is to unlock the power of quantum computing to solve the world's most challenging problems. Our systems are being used by world-class organizations and institutions including Lockheed Martin, Google, NASA, USC, USRA, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Volkswagen, and many others.


6.30pm - Reception and Networking
6.45pm - Quantum Computing Applications Seminar
7.30pm - Ideation workshop
8.15pm - Closing and Networking

Who should attend this event?
Managers, directors and executives interested in learning how this new emerging technology is being used to solve complex computing problems that can’t be addressed by conventional systems. Expect applications examples that may include:

Machine learning
Pattern recognition and anomaly detection
Cyber security
Image analysis
Financial analysis
Software / hardware verification and validation
Bioinformatics / cancer research
Traffic flow
Manufacturing processes
Internet advertising placement

* Food and drinks will be provided.