Resources. Support. Success.

Resources. Support. Success

Join us as bestseller Bill Arnott reminds us how to have fun while writing, make friends, and make a difference.
Do you ever feel like you are writing in a void, by yourself, no one listening to your thoughts and ideas? Why wait until you are published to find the resources you need and get involved?
This talk is for you if you would like to
- Access more author resources as you write
- Get feedback as you write
- Enjoy the process of writing your book
- Build a community of writers around you.

About Bill
Vancouver author, poet, songwriter Bill Arnott is the bestselling author of Wonderful Magical Words, Dromomania, and Gone Viking: A Travel Saga. Bill’s Indie Folk CD is Studio 6. His articles, reviews and poetry are published in Canada, the US, UK, Europe and Asia. Bill has a 2019 poetry prize from Pandora’s Collective and is a finalist for Whistler Independent Book Awards 2019 with Gone Viking: A Travel Saga.

Author in the Spotlight:
P.W. Bridgman is a Pushcart Prize-nominated writer of poetry and short fiction. In 2018 he was one of nine participants in the intensive writing summer school program offered by the Seamus Heaney Centre for Poetry at Queen’s University, Belfast—an experience that he says was a defining one in his writing life. Bridgman’s most recent book—a selection of poems entitled A Lamb—was published by Ekstasis Editions in 2018. It was preceded in 2013 by a selection of short fiction entitled Standing at an Angle to My Age (published by Libros Libertad). His poems and stories have appeared in Grain, The Antigonish Review, Pottersfield Portfolio, The Moth Magazine, The Glasgow Review of Books, Litro UK, Litro NY, The Honest Ulsterman, The High Window, The Bangor Literary Journal, The Galway Review, Ars Medica, Poetry Salzburg Review and other literary periodicals, e-zines and anthologies. Learn more at

About A Lamb
As was the inimitable Seamus Heaney, so also is P.W. Bridgman concerned with the “sway of language and its furtherings.” The mostly narrative poems gathered together in A Lamb, Bridgman’s first volume of poetry, comprise a diverse assemblage. They speak to the reader in markedly differing voices and accents. They give expression to insights and revelations, large and small. They present fleeting glimpses of splendour and of dread alongside pings of epiphany, incanted and decanted from the poet’s experience and imaginings. Bridgman engages, of course, with the big themes—love and loss, darkness and light, life, death and redemption—but he does so with humour and wit. Expect to find instances of whimsy and beauty in these poems. Be prepared too, though, for moments of crushing darkness and for the occasional withering dismissal of the banal and corrosive “values” which have migrated insidiously from the marketplace and taken hold in the politics and public discourse of our troubled times.

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