Roadmap For Community Change: LIVE Program

Believing it’s time for an “all hands on deck” approach in addressing our most pressing community challenges, Director of Intercultural Strategies, Jessie Sutherland, has taken the best nuggets of her award-winning Belonging Matters framework, gathered an incredible line-up of guest speakers and invites you to register for a LIVE online 7-step community change program.

Roadmap For Community Change:

Jessie’s goal is to help leaders, social planners, educators, community developers and change-makers to avoid common pitfalls and increase their impact with a proven community change process.

If you are wanting to:

- Engage both people and systems for lasting and sustainable change

- Ensure people with lived experience are valued as experts and central to your change efforts

- Integrate Indigenous knowledge and leadership in meaningful ways

- Be strategic in identifying key stakeholders to engage diversity and create community change

- Align your efforts to address social problems and climate action simultaneously

- Avoid common mistakes and pitfalls

- Understand what it takes from your organization and team to sustain meaningful change

- Meet other teams working to address complex social and environmental challenges

- Get insight from funders about your community change strategy

- Learn a fresh approach and gain clarity on where to focus your efforts

…then Roadmap For Community Change is for you.

To see all the details, guests, bonuses and LIVE training dates, visit: