Roadmapping a Cannabis Startup for Women and Minorities

A Panel Discussion featuring women leaders in the cannabis industry in BC.
It's almost 11 months into the legalization of Cannabis and the opportunity to get on the Green Rush is viable for entrepreneurs to explore. So where does one start?

There are many avenues for a cannabis industry business, including ancillary products/services and or being a service provider or educator.

But it's not as straight forward as other industries. There are rules and compliance issues that still lay in the grey on top of regular challenges of any startup. What does this mean for women and minorities that are entering the industry successfully?

To address these areas we bring insights from leading industry advocates who are paving the way for prospects to pursue Cannabis as a business.

Each Panelist brings a specific perspective of what the success will look like for entrepreneurs who want to enter this industry and will explore the social issues/challenges as well as the business mindset required