September Writer Recharge

September Writer Recharge
Speakers: CJ Hunt,Eileen Cook & Donna Baker

There's something about September that brings the back-to-school energy to all of us. This workshop by The Creative Academy helps you refill your "supply" list of what you'll need to move your projects forward this year. From determining how to get going on that rough draft, to digging deeper to know your characters, to the business side of creating the right (write?) habits we've got the exercises you need to jump start your project.

This talk is for you if
- you have an idea for a book and don't know how to get started
- you have been 'writing' the same book for far too long
- you would like to write a book but need to narrow down your ideas
- you need to be re-inspired to finally finish that book!

PLUS Interview with Bill Arnott, author of Gone Viking