Trusts 2023

Trusts are an important planning tool; however, the complex nature of trusts law and its continual evolution pose a challenge for even experienced professionals. In order to effectively utilize this tool and successfully navigate the intricate arena of trusts law, it is essential to keep up to date on changes in the law, current issues, and emerging planning techniques.

This program assembles leaders in the fields of trusts and taxation to update you on recent developments in the law and key challenges facing practitioners today, and to provide you with current and emerging planning techniques, practice tips and practical solutions to your clients’ most pressing issues. You will gain a solid understanding of important planning considerations, potential pitfalls and the techniques and structures currently available to best address your clients’ unique circumstances and set them up for success.

You Will Learn About: - New reporting rules to be aware of - Real estate tips and traps when trusts are involved - Dealing with trusts in family law matters - Long-term trustee issues - 21-year rule planning and risks to manage - Rehabilitating a neglected trust

Who Should Attend: - Lawyers practising in the areas of trusts, wills, estates or tax - Estate planning and administration specialists - Investment managers and professionals - Accountants providing tax and estate planning and administration advice - Financial planners and other consultants helping clients protect wealth and minimize tax

Attend in-person (Downtown Vancouver) or via live webinar.

To register Online: By phone: 604-730-2500