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September 18, 2020

E-sports, VR aim to fill employee engagement gap

Technologies once considered consumer-driven now touted as means to keep workers engaged

Global HR Summit organizer Matt Burns, as rendered in avatar form | Submitted

The pandemic may have pushed workplace cafeterias out of the picture for now but that doesn’t mean Taco Tuesdays with colleagues can’t continue.

After tapping former National Hockey League player Eddie Läck — a Swede known for his deep affection for tacos and video games — as brand ambassador in June, Vancouver-based Alpha Esports Inc. has been working with the goalie to boost interest in the gaming world.

“Taco Tuesday Stream is back tomorrow,” Lack, known for dropping in on fans to play video games during his time with the Vancouver Canucks, tweeted on August 31.

“I’ll be playing against 2 #fortnite fans. Will it be you?”

Fortnite is a competitive multi-person online game, while Alpha Esports specializes in facilitating large e-sports tournaments.

The company is now turning its attention to launching tournaments for companies wanting to keep employees engaged with each other even while the pandemic keeps them from collaborating in close contact.

“I really look at competitive social video games as the next social media,” said interim CEO Matt Schmidt, whose 26-person company has created a platform known as GamerzArena to facilitate e-sports tournaments through the click of a link.

“If my HR [department] reached out and I worked for a large company and they said, ‘Hey, here’s the link to onboard into this tournament platform, pick your favorite games and compete,’ I think it’d be a lot of fun.”

He describes the business model as gaming as a service, or GaaS — a play on software as a service (SaaS).

“What we realized was a lot of these companies had all their employees working from home. And a few of them are already doing [e-sports tournaments] … and we were like, well, we can organize your tournaments for you,” said Schmidt, who said he could not disclose how much Alpha Esports charges for its services.

“So it started off as just building it for ourselves. But we were like, ‘Other companies might actually see some value in this.’”

The pandemic, meanwhile, has been an accelerant for many businesses, which are now turning to consumer-friendly technology for better employee engagement, according to Vancouver-based human resource executive Matt Burns.

“For a business executive group that’s looking for solutions around collaboration, and connection and engagement in this new strange world that we’re in, immersive technologies is another option for them,” said Burns, who organized this month’s Global HR Summit.

The summit was presented entirely in virtual reality, with 50 speakers donning Oculus Quest headsets for the first time to engage with audiences in an artificially rendered environment.   Attendees put on their own headgear to watch speakers who appeared as avatars they created for themselves, or else plugged in via the less immersive environment of a 2D computer monitor.

The goal of the event, which was hosted on Microsoft Corp.’s (Nasdaq:MSFT) Altspace VR platform, was to bring awareness to challenges within organizations and how immersive technologies such as VR can address them.

Burns described the summit, with its digitally rendered avatars and mock audience, as looking similar to 2014’s 3D-animated film The Lego Movie.

“We’re staring at a giant burning platform for change,” said Burns, referring to virtual reality’s ability to engage workers in a way Zoom calls and emails cannot.

“If they [businesses] don’t change that traditional business model, it’s going to continue to butt up against this new reality and it’s going to be painful. It’s going to be poor for business results and it’s going to be worse for the employees and the customers who interact with those businesses.”

He said that businesses should be prepared to operate blended workplaces, in which employees work in a combination of offices and from the home.

That means having the ability to tap into immersive – or virtual — environments for team meetings, training sessions or job interviews.

“For example, my team’s now spread around the world and every orientation occurs in VR. I meet them in VR for the first time for an orientation with the headset. Before it would have been a Zoom call or a bunch of emails back and forth with an international team,” he said.

“I’ve never met some of my team members. Now, I meet them all in VR.” •



New home construction gains strength in B.C.

B.C. housing starts picked up traction in August with levels climbing to an annualized rate of 42,564 units.

This was the first time starts exceeded 40,000 units in back-to-back months since late 2019. Starts rose 6.3% (2,508 units) from July and 21.7% year-over-year. While often volatile given the impact of apartment structures on unit counts, gains were observed in the construction of detached homes and a doubling of townhome starts from July. Apartments starts held steady. The Vancouver census metropolitan area, which posted a gain in annualized starts of 5,350 units to 29,754 units, was the main contributor to the increase. Abbotsford-Mission starts nearly tripled to 1,431 units. These were offset by declines in Kelowna, Victoria and other markets.

Nevertheless, housing starts held sharply below last year’s record pace, with year-to-date starts down 23%. Detached starts declined 12%, while multi-family activity fell 25%. Vancouver Metro starts declined 29%, with Abbotsford-Mission down 16%. Victoria and Kelowna starts rose by 5% and 8%.

Provincial housing starts are forecast to come in at 34,700 units this year compared with 44,900 units in 2019. While recent housing demand has been lifted by lower interest rates, less pre-sale condominium activity in recent years has constricted the number of projects in the pipeline. Stronger current demand could provide lift, but this will be offset by a period of slower population growth and weaker rental market demand. Starts are forecast to rise to 36,300 units in 2021.

The B.C. government’s latest fiscal forecast points to a massive deficit for fiscal 2020-21 following a small deficit for 2019-20.

The pandemic and severe government policies to bend the COVID-19 curve have crushed economic activity, while governments turned on the taps to provide substantial fiscal support for households. A deficit of $12.792 billion for fiscal year 2020/21 is forecast, which compares with a pre-pandemic plan of a $227 million surplus in Budget 2020. Public accounts show a $321 million deficit for 2019/20

Revenue is forecast at $56 billion, marking a difference of 7.5% ($4.57 billion) from the Budget 2020 forecast and a drop of 4.5% from fiscal year 2019/20. The effects of lower employment, smaller profits and reduced consumer spending have cut into income taxes and sales taxes. •

Bryan Yu is deputy chief economist at Central 1 Credit Union.



White Spot, Triple O's first casual Canadian chains to have the Impossible Burger

Aka the meatless burger patty that "bleeds."

The Impossible Burger launches Sept. 19 at White Spot and Triple O's. Photo courtesy White Spot

Long-available in the United States, the plant-based Impossible Burger - aka the meatless burger patty that "bleeds" - will finely be widely available in British Columbia. Vancouver-based White Spot and it's more quick-serve styled sibling Triple O's have become the first Canadian chain to bring the veggie burger aboard, and they'll start cooking them up Sept. 19.

Made with soy and potato proteins, the Impossible Burger patty also includes fats from coconut and sunflower oils which make it sizzle on the grill.

The Impossible Burger available at all 62 full-service White Spot locations and 39 quick-service Triple O’s across B.C. and Alberta. 

Earlier this month, several prominent Canadian chefs revealed they would be bringing the Impossible Burger to their independent restaurants, among them Richmond's popular meat-centric spot Hog Shack BBQ. 

The plant-based burger patty is among the items on the restaurant's new fall menu. Here's how they'll be serving up the Impossible Burger:

  • Available at White Spot: The Avocado Impossible™ Burger (fresh avocado, pickled onions, crisp lettuce, vine-ripened tomatoes, jalapeño ranch), served with a choice of Caesar salad, The Spot’s Salad, or creamy coleslaw and ‘endless’ Kennebec fries. 
  • Available at Triple O’s: The Original Impossible™ Burger (crisp lettuce, vine-ripened tomatoes, secret Triple ‘O’ Sauce & signature pickle on top). Guests can combo up their burger with a selection of sides & beverages.

Additionally, guests can also substitute the Impossible patty into any burger on the menu at White Spot and Triple O’s locations.

For White Spot customers who are strictly plant-based, you'll need to make some substitutions in order to make your burger fully vegan.

Previously, White Spot carried the Beyond Meat burger, the popular plant-based patty that many other Canadian chains and independent restaurants have been using for the past couple of years. As the brand has adopted the Impossible Burger, they will no longer offer the Beyond Meat patty. 

Diners keen to try the Impossible Burger may want to hit up their favourite White Spot or Triple O's location Sept. 19-20, when the restaurants are offering a fundraising promo. The restaurants will donate $2 from every Impossible Burger sold over the two days to Variety – the Children’s Charity, a charitable partner since 1966.

Vancouver Is Awesome


B.C. breweries win big at 2020 Canadian Beer Awards

B.C. breweries took home the most medals of any province at the 2020 Canadian Beer Awards

Photo: Whitetooth Brewing Company/Facebook

B.C. breweries took home the most medals of any province at the 2020 Canadian Beer Awards Saturday night, winning 43 medals, including 11 golds.

Particularly golden was Golden B.C.’s Whitetooth Brewing, which took home five medals—the most of any brewery in the country—including three golds for its Directissima Dubbel (Belgian-Style Dubbel or Quadrupel), Sickbird Northwest Pale Ale (North American Style Pale Ale) and Icefields Belgian-Inspired Pale Ale (American Belgo-Style Ale).

Whitetooth was one of many small-town B.C. breweries to pick up medals, proving that there’s great beer being brewed in every corner of the province. Medal winners also included Cranbrook’s Fisher Peak Brewing, Sooke Brewing Co., Whistler’s Coast Mountain Brewing and Whistler Brewing, Salt Spring Island Ales, Comox’s Ace Brewing and Gibson’s Tapworks Brewing Co.

Another big winner was East Vancouver’s Strange Fellows Brewing, which picked up three medals, including golds for Jongleur (Wheat Beer – Belgian Style) and Hedgerow (American Style Brett Beer).

Alberta took home the most gold medals of any province, with 17, as well as Brewery of the Year honours for Calgary’s Common Crown Brewing. Glutenberg Red by Quebec gluten-free brewery Glutenberg won for Beer of the Year.

The 2020 Canadian Beer Awards and Conference were originally scheduled to take part in Victoria this year, but all in-person events were cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Here’s the full list of medal winners:

European Style Lager (Pilsner)

  • BRONZE: Pixel Pils | Fuggles & Warlock Craftworks | British Columbia
  • SILVER: Bohemian Style Pilsner | Flora Hall Brewing | Ontario
  • GOLD: Kinabik Pilsner | Snake Lake Brewing Company | Alberta

European Style Amber to Dark Lager

  • BRONZE: Ladder Run Amber Lager | Thornbury Village Craft Brewery | Ontario
  • SILVER: Fahr Copper | Brauerei Fahr | Alberta
  • GOLD: Fahr Munich | Brauerei Fahr | Alberta

Bock – Traditional German Style

  • BRONZE: Bringing Sexy Bock | Garrison Brewing Company | Nova Scotia
  • SILVER: BEER 101 BOCK | Niagara College Teaching Brewery | Ontario
  • GOLD: Elevator Dopplebock | Hell’s Basement Brewery Inc. | Alberta


  • BRONZE: POTTS PILSNER | Moon Under Water Brewery | British Columbia
  • SILVER: Hazy Blonde | Old Flame Brewing Company | Ontario
  • GOLD: Rockwell Pilsner | The Collingwood Brewery | Ontario

German Style Kolsch

  • BRONZE: Köl Story Bro Kölsch | Brewhall Beer Co. | British Columbia
  • SILVER: Lighthorse Lagered Ale | Bogside Brewing | Prince Edward Island
  • GOLD: Rhine Stone Cowboy Kolsch Style Ale | Big Rock Brewery | Alberta

Wheat Beer – Belgian Style (Wit)

  • BRONZE: SNOangel | SNO Microbrasserie | Québec
  • SILVER: Farmer’s Tan Belgian White | Brewsters Brewing Company | Alberta
  • GOLD: Jongleur | Strange Fellows Brewing | British Columbia


Strange Fellows Brewing/Facebook

Wheat Beer – German Style (Weiss)

  • BRONZE: Fahr Hefe | Brauerei Fahr | Alberta
  • SILVER: Wheat Kings County | Bogside Brewing | Prince Edward Island
  • GOLD: Beautiful Aurelia | Foundry Brewing Inc | Ontario

Baltic Porter

  • BRONZE: Vistula | Altitude Beer Inc | British Columbia
  • SILVER: Baltistar Galactiporter | Bent Stick Brewing Co. | Alberta
  • GOLD: Two Rivers Baltic Porter | Tatamagouche Brewing Company | Nova Scotia

Belgian-Style Dubbel or Quadrupel

  • BRONZE: Gros mollet | Microbrasserie du Lac St-Jean | Québec
  • SILVER: Mic Drop | Inner City Brewing | Alberta
  • GOLD: Directissima Dubbel | Whitetooth Brewing Company Ltd. | British Columbia

Belgian-Style Tripel

  • BRONZE: Trepanation Tripel | Whitetooth Brewing Company Ltd. | British Columbia
  • SILVER: Soap Box Preacher | Inner City Brewing | Alberta
  • GOLD: HAMMER OF THE DAWN | Indie Alehouse | Ontario

Belgian-Style Abbey Ale / Pale Ale

  • BRONZE: Burnabarian | Dageraad Brewing | British Columbia
  • SILVER: La Tenace Belgian Single | Whitetooth Brewing Company Ltd. | British Columbia
  • GOLD: Marigold | Clifford Brewing Company | Ontario

Belgian-Style Strong Ale Pale / Dark / Specialty

  • BRONZE: Belgian Blond | Sooke Brewing Co. | British Columbia
  • SILVER: Mons d’abbaye Blonde | Belgh Brasse | Québec
  • GOLD: Cousin Eddie’s | Cassel Brewery | Ontario

French and Belgian Style Saison

  • BRONZE: 18 Juillet 1853 | Siboire | Québec
  • SILVER: La petite duchesse | Little Beasts Brewing Company | Ontario
  • GOLD: Saison du Djâbe | Les Brasseurs du Petit-Sault | New Brunswick

Belgian-Style Brett Beer

  • BRONZE: Funk et Furie | Avant-Garde artisans brasseurs | Québec
  • SILVER: Square One | Tatamagouche Brewing Company | Nova Scotia
  • GOLD: Name TBD | Royal City Brewing Co. | Ontario

German-Style Sour Ale  Berliner-Style Weisse or Gose

  • BRONZE: Saltwater Cowboy Gose | Tatamagouche Brewing Company | Nova Scotia
  • SILVER: Limoilou Beach | Microbrasserie La Souche | Québec
  • GOLD: Cool As | Cabin Brewing Company | Alberta

Belgian-Style Sour Ale

  • BRONZE: Profondo Rosso | Parallel 49 Brewing Company | British Columbia
  • SILVER: Mueuze | Meuse Brewing Company Inc. | Ontario
  • GOLD: Pic-Barrique (2020) | Microbrasserie Le Prospecteur | Québec


  • BRONZE: STEADFAST | Tooth and Nail Brewing Company | Ontario
  • SILVER: Old Man Winter Porter | Ribstone Creek Brewery | Alberta
  • GOLD: Brick and Mortar Porter | Medicine Hat Brewing Company | Alberta

Brown Ale

  • BRONZE: Woodnutt Brown Ale | Coast Mountain Brewing | British Columbia
  • SILVER: Brown ale de seigle | Microbrasserie Pit Caribou | Québec
  • GOLD: Coppersmith Brown Ale | Common Crown Brewing Co. | Alberta


Photo: Coast Mountain Brewing/Facebook

Scotch Ale

  • BRONZE: Rob Roy Scotch Ale | Walkerville Brewery | Ontario
  • SILVER: Hellroaring Scottish ale | Fisher Peak Brewing Company | British Columbia
  • GOLD: Andys Wee Heavy | Common Crown Brewing Co. | Alberta

English Style Pale Ale

  • BRONZE: Free Range Country Ale | Farm Country Brewing | British Columbia
  • SILVER: Honey Hop Pale Ale | Longwood Brewery | British Columbia
  • GOLD: Steam Whistle Pale Ale | Steam Whistle Brewing | Ontario

English Bitters

  • BRONZE: Iconic Bitter | Warehouse Brewing Company | Saskatchewan
  • SILVER: Gros Pin | Microbrasserie La Souche | Québec
  • GOLD: Best | Henderson Brewing Co. | Ontario

Sweet Stout or Cream Stout

  • BRONZE: Chocolate Milk Stout | Wellington Brewery | Ontario
  • SILVER: Easy Stout | Walkerville Brewery | Ontario
  • GOLD: Stout Milkshake | Vox Populi | Québec

Oatmeal Stout

  • BRONZE: Collectively Smashed | Inner City Brewing | Alberta
  • SILVER: Blackmail | Strange Fellows Brewing | British Columbia
  • GOLD: Gentlemen’s Stout | Medicine Hat Brewing Company | Alberta

Dry Stout

  • BRONZE: Woodhouse Stout beer | Woodhouse Brewing | Ontario
  • SILVER: Davy Jones Nitro | Corsaire Microbrasserie | Québec
  • GOLD: Angus Stout | 9 Mile Legacy Brewing Co. | Saskatchewan

Imperial Stout

  • BRONZE: Tempest | Amsterdam Brewing Company | Ontario
  • SILVER: Imperial Oatmeal Stout | Barnside Brewing Co. | British Columbia
  • GOLD: Liquid Lullaby Imperial Stout | Town Square Brewing | Alberta

English Style India Pale Ale

  • BRONZE: La Bittt à Tibi IPA | Belgh Brasse | Québec
  • SILVER: Geronimo IPA | Walkerville Brewery | Ontario
  • GOLD: Englishish IPA | District Brewing Co | Saskatchewan

North American Style Lager

  • BRONZE: Red Racer Lager | Red Racer | British Columbia
  • SILVER: Twin City | Medicine Hat Brewing Company | Alberta
  • GOLD: Crispy Buoy | Tapworks Brewing Company | British Columbia

North American Style Premium Lager

  • BRONZE: Craft Lager – Canadian Style Lager | Big Rock Brewery | Alberta
  • SILVER: Beach Chair Lager | PEI Brewing Company | Prince Edward Island
  • GOLD: Blonde | Old Flame Brewing Company | Ontario

North American Style Amber Lager

  • BRONZE: Pond Surfer California Common | Town Square Brewing | Alberta
  • SILVER: SNOfox | SNO Microbrasserie | Québec
  • GOLD: The Wobbly Code | Electric Bicycle Brewing | British Columbia

Light (Calorie-Reduced) Lager

  • BRONZE: Cracked Canoe | Moosehead Breweries | New Brunswick
  • SILVER: Light Eh! Lager | Kingsville Brewing Company | Ontario
  • GOLD: Death Wave Lager | Sea Change Brewing Co. | Alberta

Cream Ale

  • BRONZE: Roger That | Overflow Brewing Company | Ontario
  • SILVER: Cream Ale | Anderson Craft Ales | Ontario
  • GOLD: The Specialist | Tire Shack Brewing Co. | New Brunswick

North American Style –  Amber / Red Ale

  • BRONZE: Round Trip Amber Ale | Red Truck Beer Company | British Columbia
  • SILVER: Rodeo Red Ale | Big Ridge Brewing | British Columbia
  • GOLD: Varsity Hall Red Ale | Snake Lake Brewing Company | Alberta

North American Style – Blonde or Golden Ale

  • BRONZE: Nokomis Golden Ale | Nokomis Craft Ales | Saskatchewan
  • SILVER: La Libertine | La Voie Maltée | Québec
  • GOLD: Belmont Village | Red Circle Brewing Co. | Ontario

American Style Black Ale

  • BRONZE: Snake Island Cascadian Dark Ale | White Sails Brewing Ltd. | British Columbia
  • SILVER: Cascadian Dark Ale | Blindman Brewing | Alberta
  • GOLD: Black Rock | Stack Brewing | Ontario

North American Style Pale Ale

  • BRONZE: Method West Coast Pale Ale | Deep Cove Brewers and Distillers | British Columbia
  • SILVER: Uncle Leo’s Sunburst | Uncle Leo’s Brewery | Nova Scotia
  • GOLD: Sickbird Northwest Pale Ale | Whitetooth Brewing Company Ltd. | British Columbia

Wheat Beer – North American Style

  • BRONZE: Smooth Sail Summer Ale | Walkerville Brewery | Ontario
  • SILVER: Grasshopper Wheat Ale | Big Rock Brewery | Alberta
  • GOLD: Ploughman Wheat Ale | Common Crown Brewing Co. | Alberta

American Style India Pale Ale

  • BRONZE: La Racoleuse | La Voie Maltée | Québec
  • SILVER: Jet Fuel IPA | Ace Brewing Company | British Columbia
  • GOLD: Filthy Dirty | Parallel 49 Brewing Company | British Columbia


Photo: Parallel 49 Brewing Company

New England Style India Pale Ale

  • BRONZE: Ring Pop | Eighty-Eight Brewing Company | Alberta
  • SILVER: Creature Feature | Good Robot Brewing | Nova Scotia
  • GOLD: Presta | Siboire | Québec

Session India Pale Ale

  • BRONZE: White IPA | Pile O’ Bones Brewing | Saskatchewan
  • SILVER: Beep Beep | Steel & Oak Brewing Co. | British Columbia
  • GOLD: Glitter Bomb Hazy Pale Ale | Phillips Brewing & Malting Co. | British Columbia

American Style Imperial India Pale Ale

  • BRONZE: Faces Double IPA | Wellington Brewery | Ontario
  • SILVER: Parkman Ave | Copper Bottom Brewing | Prince Edward Island
  • GOLD: Deep Thoughts | Triple IPA | Another Beer Company | British Columbia

American Belgo-Style Ale

  • BRONZE: Jordan Harbour Belgian Pale Ale | Bench Brewing Company | Ontario
  • SILVER: Bootsy | House of Funk Brewing | British Columbia
  • GOLD: Icefields Belgian-Inspired Pale Ale | Whitetooth Brewing Company Ltd. | British Columbia

American Style Brett Beer

  • BRONZE: Mr Natural | brassneck | British Columbia
  • SILVER: Tropicale IPA | Brasserie Dunham | Québec
  • GOLD: Hedgerow | Strange Fellows Brewing | British Columbia

American Style Sour Ale

  • BRONZE: Hawk Tail Lemon Kveik Sour | Hawk Tail Brewery | Alberta
  • SILVER: Goses and Goblins | Analog Brewing Company | Alberta
  • GOLD: Super Fusion | The Establishment Brewing Company | Alberta

Special Honey / Maple Lager or Ale

  • BRONZE: Bear Paw Honey Lager | Whistler Brewing Company | British Columbia
  • SILVER: Honey Brown – Amber Lager | Big Rock Brewery | Alberta
  • GOLD: Rousse à l’érable | Ferme Brasserie Schoune | Québec

Fruit / Fruit Wheat / Field / Pumpkin Beer

  • BRONZE: Dwarf Sour Cherry Saison | Blindman Brewing | Alberta
  • SILVER: Creamsicle Ale | Medicine Hat Brewing Company | Alberta
  • GOLD: La Classic Rosé | Brasseux d’la Cote | New Brunswick

Gluten Free Beer

  • BRONZE: Glutenberg Gose | Glutenberg | Québec
  • SILVER: Forager Gluten Free Lager | Whistler Brewing Company | British Columbia
  • GOLD: Glutenberg Red | Glutenberg | Québec

Session Ale

  • BRONZE: Setting Day | PEI Brewing Company | Prince Edward Island
  • SILVER: Azacca Session IPA | Propeller Brewing Company | Nova Scotia
  • GOLD: Abbey Lane English Mild | Ribstone Creek Brewery | Alberta

Experimental Beer

  • BRONZE: Lawyers Guns & Honey | Bent Stick Brewing Co. | Alberta
  • SILVER: Red Racer Street Legal IPA | Red Racer | British Columbia
  • GOLD: Moosehead Shaker Tropical Pina Colada | Moosehead Breweries | New Brunswick

Herb and Spice Beer

  • BRONZE: Fireside | Salt Spring Island Ales Brewery | British Columbia
  • SILVER: Nightwatch Coffee Lager | Lighthouse Brewing Company | British Columbia
  • GOLD: Aki No Seishin | Ippon | Québec

Smoked Beer

  • BRONZE: Das Winter Projekt | Frampton Brasse | Québec
  • SILVER: Moosehead Small Batch Rauchbier | Moosehead Breweries | New Brunswick
  • GOLD: Prairie Fire Rauchbier | Town Square Brewing | Alberta

Barley Wine-Style Ale – English Style / American Style

  • BRONZE: BarleyWine édition 2019 | Ferme Brasserie Schoune | Québec
  • SILVER: Perepllut Barley Wine | Blindman Brewing | Alberta
  • GOLD: Barrel Aged Ape Index Barley Wine | The OT Brewing Company | Alberta

Wood and Barrel-Aged Beer – Pale to Amber / Dark

  • BRONZE: Four Barrels | Red Circle Brewing Co. | Ontario
  • SILVER: Entropy Series No. 12 – Old Bretts | Dageraad Brewing | British Columbia
  • GOLD: Bourbon Barrel Imperial Stout | Russell Brewing Company | British Columbia

Wood and Barrel-Aged Strong Beer

  • BRONZE: Aki No Seishin- Imperial | Ippon | Québec
  • SILVER: BBA Triple Stout | Longwood Brewery | British Columbia
  • GOLD: Tempestarii Sour Cherry Saison | Low Life Barrelhouse | Manitoba

Wood and Barrel-Aged Sour Beer

  • BRONZE: FOUR Barrel-Aged Golden Sour w/ Plum & Lingonberry | Foamers’ Folly Brewing | British Columbia
  • SILVER: Uncertainty Principle No. 6 | Nickel Brook Brewing Company | Ontario
  • GOLD: Abricotine | Microbrasserie La Souche | Québec

Flavoured Stout / Porter

  • BRONZE: Hazelnut Coffee Stout | Publican House Brewery | Ontario
  • SILVER: Birds of a Feather | Little Beasts Brewing Company | Ontario
  • GOLD: UVB-76 Maksim | Wellington Brewery | Ontario


Glutenberg Red | Glutenberg | Québec


Common Crown Brewing Co | Alberta

PS: Great news, beer fans: The Growler is back, with a new edition scheduled to hit shelves November 1.

The Growler B.C.


There's a new TV show about the North Shore Rescue team

And the docuseries debuts on the small screen this fall

North Shore Rescue's volunteers will be hitting the small screen this fall in a new documentary series airing on the Knowledge Network. Photo courtesy Peg Leg Films

You’ve read about their exploits saving lost and injured hikers from peril. Now, North Shore Rescue is headed for the small screen with a new docuseries set to air on B.C.’s Knowledge Network, starting later this fall.

Search and Rescue: North Shore follows the volunteer team through a year of call-outs in the North Shore backcountry, as well as the home lives of some of their most active members.

Local filmmaker Grant Baldwin and his production team from Peg Leg Films were embedded with NSR for a full year to get some incredible behind-the-scenes footage.

In a release, Baldwin recalled his astonishment at the danger the team members put themselves in and their commitment to bringing their subjects home safe.

“I remember straddling the peak of Crown Mountain at 3 a.m. The NSR team and my filming partner Ian were rappelling down below me to secure a fallen climber. I was just clinging to the rock, trying to get a stable shot with the massive rotors of a military helicopter washing down on me,” he said in the release. “I kept thinking, 'What the hell am I doing up here?' Then I remembered that the team doesn’t need to be here either. They volunteered for this. It makes capturing this story more meaningful.”

The five-part series begins its run at 9 p.m. on Nov. 10 on Knowledge.

North Shore News


What are we reading? September 17, 2020

Getty Images

Each week, BIV staff will share with you some of the interesting stories we have found from around the web.


Hayley Woodin, reporter:

Fair Worker Center president David Rolf calls it the “$2.5 trillion theft.” A new study illustrates just how far worker salaries have fallen behind relative to GDP gains in the world’s largest economy. – Fast Company 


After sharing the article above, WSJ columnist Christopher Mims shared this post, which discusses the flaws of studies like the one above. Economist Russ Roberts argues that claims no one except the 1% has made economic progress are wrong. – Medium (Note: this is an older post) 


Mark Falkenberg, deputy managing editor

For the first time in its 175-year-history, prestigious science journal Scientific American has endorsed a presidential candidate. – Scientific American


The dark side of “techno-optimism”: with some deft help from the COVID-19 pandemic, technology has been swiftly eroding the barriers between work and home life. – The Walrus


Emma Crawford Hampel:

How the U.S. government lost its mind: the answer is more complicated than just “Trump.” – The Atlantic