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Locals pursue Hong Kong opportunities despite uncertainty

Export challenges, overseas protests present hurdles but shouldn’t halt all trade: analysts

B.C. meat producers push for quick end to export ban

Industry leaders cite China’s domestic meat-supply issues in call to remove barriers to Canadian pork, beef

China tensions expected to trigger new immigration wave

Many Canadians in the former British colony are expected to return

Extradition law could clip Hong Kong’s wings as travel hub

Business travellers fear ‘reverse Meng Wanzhou’ arrests at Hong Kong airport if Chinese legislation passes

China suspends all Canadian meat imports, citing forged certifications

China has banned all Canadian meat imports as of Wednesday, citing the detection of a substance that is legal in Canada but outlawed in the Chinese market.  The news comes amidst rapidly...

Asian unrest stokes B.C. business fears

Protests threaten Hong Kong’s role as Canada’s Asian market gateway

Chinese tech skepticism highest in B.C.: report

Meng Wanzhou arrest heightened concerns about Chinese high-tech investments in Canada

Report: Canadian skepticism of Chinese tech investment strongest in B.C.

Despite a strong overall belief that Asian countries will drive the future of global technological advancements, Canadians - especially those in B.C. - appear to be highly skeptical of foreign...

Meng extradition case to start formally in January 2020

The formal extradition case for Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. CFO Meng Wanzhou is now set to begin on January 20 next year, Canadian courts announced on Thursday. The scheduling comes as Associate...

Beijing trip cancellation was political, not about justice in Huawei arrest

Canadian digital security, Chinese land ownership are part of Beijing trip cancellation emails