Asia Pacific

Covering all issues relating to the Asia Pacific region and how they affect Vancouver, British Columbia and Canada

Acts of genocide, organ harvesting occurring in China: House of Commons subcommittee

China is committing acts of genocide against Uyghur and other Turkic Muslims in the autonomous region of XinJiang, a House of Commons subcommittee on international human rights has declared. On...

Asian markets tout success in COVID fight to woo business

Taiwan, South Korea re-launch trade promotional efforts in British Columbia

Chinese Communist Party agreement with B.C. needs federal ‘cues’: Wilkinson

BC Liberal Party initiated several trade missions to China between 2013 and 2017 and signed an MOU on that country’s “One Belt One Road” global trade initiative

Beware pitfalls of joint ventures in China: report

New report sheds light on good, bad partnership models for Canadian tech companies

COVID-19 pandemic puts big dent into Canada's inbound FDI from Asia-Pacific

A recent report shows that inbound foreign direct investment (FDI) from the Asia-Pacific region into Canada in the first half of 2020 has slowed dramatically, owing directly to the COVID-19...

Think-tank launches report comparing post-COVID return-to-school measures taken throughout Asia Pacific

With return-to-school protocols being hotly debated here in B.C., the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada has launched a new report looking at how other countries in the region are handling the...

China is paving its 'belt and road' to British Columbia

Surrey warehouse part of China's Belt and Road Initiative, say its proponents

Next step in Canada-China relations divides experts

Top Canadian observers can’t agree on definition of ‘rebooting’ countries’ trade talks

Trade alliance could ease Canada’s China dependence

The country’s trade future may align with its geopolitical lines on the global stage, observers say

Activist: No easy option for B.C. businesses choosing between stay or leave in Hong Kong

The reality of Hong Kong falling under the full rule of Beijing is that Canadian and B.C. businesses that have long used the city as their Asia gateway will face an exceedingly difficult - and...