Asia Pacific

Covering all issues relating to the Asia Pacific region and how they affect Vancouver, British Columbia and Canada

Canada eyes Southeast Asia to shore up export markets

With Canada hitting trade headwinds from its two largest trade partners – a protectionist White House in the United States and a freeze in relations with China over the Huawei affair – Ottawa has...

Rival reports paint China as friend – or foe – of innovation

Canada faces dilemma as China’s rise brings technological opportunities and dangers

Coronavirus outbreak: Misinformation, panic run rampant among B.C.'s Chinese-speaking communities

Despite official pleas for calm, panic among overseas Chinese communities like the one in Metro Vancouver appears to be hitting a fever pitch as the coronavirus outbreak dominates almost every aspect...

B.C. companies with business in China restrict travel

LNG Canada, Ballard among companies restricting travel for employees

Canada urged to broaden its Asian horizons

Group lobbies Canada to expand its engagement in Indo-Pacific

Coronavirus outbreak: Members of Vancouver's Wuhan community self-quarantine after return

As B.C. confirms its first case of the coronavirus that has killed more than 100 people in China, Vancouver’s Chinese-Canadian Hubei community - most of whom have lived in Canada for years but trace...

(UPDATED) B.C., Canadian universities stay vigilant as coronavirus death toll tops 100

Canadian universities with significant international student populations and extensive exchange programs in Asia are each taking unique approaches to how to respond to the ongoing coronavirus...

Coronavirus outbreak: B.C., Canada likely to see economic impact as spread accelerates in China

The coronavirus outbreak that has killed 81 people in China - mostly in the Central city of Wuhan and the surrounding Hubei province - is likely already having an effect on Canada and B.C.’s economy,...

Risk of U.S.-China split looms despite deal: experts

Effect on B.C. economy will depend on details of trade agreement, observers say

Canadian businesses need an Asian political primer

Geopolitics is increasingly a consideration for B.C. business interests in Asia: report