Asia Pacific

Covering all issues relating to the Asia Pacific region and how they affect Vancouver, British Columbia and Canada

No turning back for some B.C. companies in China

Many firms wary of deeper involvement, but those that have committed are in for long haul

Forestry minister forges ahead in China, steers clear of diplomatic concerns

Doug Donaldson met with Chinese state-owned businesses in Shanghai and business giant in Japan

Trade goliaths hurting global commerce: former WTO director general

Pascal Lamy urges Canada to help counter digital dominance by U.S., China and EU

Report says imported Asian labour issue divides Canadians

Views vary on immigration as a solution to the country’s skilled labour shortage

Door to Japan still open to Canada: former ambassador

But Kenjiro Monji says the two need to develop a relationship that is deeper than trade

Canadians support looking to Asia to fill labour gap in high-skilled sectors, poll finds

Canadians are aware of the country’s skilled-labour shortage and are generally supportive of using talent from Asia to fill the gap, according to an Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada report released...

Investors wary of minority government

A minority government in Ottawa will likely increase concerns over doing business in a country where red tape and wait times for project approvals already generate considerable investor...

Taiwan e-bikes’ road to new markets runs through B.C.

One of the world’s largest bicycle makers is targeting Vancouver and the rest of Canada in its quest to expand its exports to North America through the advent of the burgeoning electric bike...

Ottawa unlikely to lean more on B.C. on foreign policy issues post-election, experts say

Given B.C.’s status as holding Western Canada’s largest concentration of Liberals seats after the Tories dominated the West in the recent federal elections, can the province expect to be leaned upon...

NBA debate heats up over Hong Kong turmoil

The National Basketball Association (NBA) and its teams take their social values everywhere they go around the world – even if they don’t engage on certain issues because officials “don’t know all...