Asia Pacific

Covering all issues relating to the Asia Pacific region and how they affect Vancouver, British Columbia and Canada

Quebec companies turn to B.C. for help courting China

Vancouver marketing sought out by businesses eager to better serve tourists from overseas

Market picture improves for expat Chinese-Canadian artists

Exhibition of work by Richmond-based painter highlights growing interest in transpacific themes

Will North Korea open for business?

Observers split on whether Kim Jong Un regime will create new commercial opportunities

Malaysian political earthquake could rock B.C. LNG sector

Opposition’s surprising win likely to lead to changes for energy player Petronas

South Korea looks to B.C. for virtual reality ventures

Delegation of overseas companies reaches out to Vancouver’s technology sector

Canadians feeling a greater sense of connection with Asia Pacific region than a few years ago: poll

Canadians appear to be warming up to moving closer with the Asia-Pacific region this year - just as Canada’s relationship with the United States seems to be suffering a rapid deterioration -...

Port Coquitlam company riding high in Asian theme parks

From the mountains to the coastline, Metro Vancouver is known for its many attractions. However, large theme parks are not among them. But despite the absence of a major amusement park on Canada’s...

Canada’s commitment to Asian market questioned

Perception persists in Southeast Asia that Canadian business is not serious about the region

Vancouver's growing VR/AR tech reputation draws interest from South Korea

Vancouver’s growing reputation as a hub for virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technology development is now drawing international interest, with a delegation of South Korean firms...

Vancouver Chinese-Canadian charity seeks mainstream appeal

Facing major demographic change, Vancouver non-profit aims to open up to English-speaking community