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The road to 100% emissions-free vehicle sales

B.C.’s new vehicle emissions mandate will help pave the way for emissions-free vehicle sales in 2040

Capturing the carbon capture market

Blue hydrogen will be a major market for one B.C. company’s technology

Hydrogen is hot, but it's more than hype

Hydrogen solutions will be necessary for the last mile of the net-zero transition

B.C. a world leader in carbon-conscious construction

The province has become a world leader in sustainable, high-rise, mass timber construction and manufacturing

Planners, developers duel over wetlands

Environmental professionals, hired by real estate developers, find their findings challenged by a new wave of city hall planners

How sustainable is B.C. seafood?

Sustainability not solely a wild-versus-farmed equation

Climate action at the city level

B.C. municipalities are doing many things right – but experts say more is needed

5 questions on sustainability: Spread'Em Kitchen Co. CEO Mellissa Mills

Each month, BIV Magazine asks a local business leader five questions on a select topic

Awarding sustainable B.C. wine

Sustainability efforts in the industry continue to evolve over time

The B.C. engineer behind 3D-printed human tissues

Competitive spirit has driven engineer-turned-entrepreneur Tamer Mohamed’s success with Aspect Biosystems