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Unique ESG law group launches in Vancouver

New practice group to cater to an international market

The evolution of climate accounting

Canadian companies jockey to stay ahead of evolving landscape for sustainability reporting requirements

Stepping up energy standards in B.C. homes

The B.C. Step Code is the most energy-saving building code in Canada, but some builders claim it is expensive, elitist and ineffectual in battling climate change

B.C. needs a ‘buy clean’ policy

Approach could close carbon loophole and support B.C. businesses

How B.C. is building a cleaner economy

A number of initiatives will help the province meet its 2050 net-zero commitment

The road to 100% emissions-free vehicle sales

B.C.’s new vehicle emissions mandate will help pave the way for emissions-free vehicle sales in 2040

Capturing the carbon capture market

Blue hydrogen will be a major market for one B.C. company’s technology

Hydrogen is hot, but it's more than hype

Hydrogen solutions will be necessary for the last mile of the net-zero transition

B.C. a world leader in carbon-conscious construction

The province has become a world leader in sustainable, high-rise, mass timber construction and manufacturing

Planners, developers duel over wetlands

Environmental professionals, hired by real estate developers, find their findings challenged by a new wave of city hall planners