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Decarbonization drives new export markets for B.C.

LNG, wood pellets, critical minerals, ammonia exports driven by climate change policies

Cybersecurity threat looms large over global supply chain

Escalation of cyberattacks threatens to cause massive supply chain disruptions

The growth potential of B.C.'s agri-tech sector

Failing to nurture and support the sector is a significant lost opportunity

The quest for cleaner fuel

B.C. cleantech primed to power industry’s decarbonization

Retail’s technology edge

Augmented reality, advanced e-commerce among innovations fuelling sales for retailers

Tech compensation is in a pressure cooker

Remote work, heightened competition for talent and ‘the great resignation’ create perfect storm for unique compensation market

Tracking B.C.’s unicorn surge

Companies valued at US$1B or more are becoming commonplace in the province

Unique ESG law group launches in Vancouver

New practice group to cater to an international market

The evolution of climate accounting

Canadian companies jockey to stay ahead of evolving landscape for sustainability reporting requirements

Stepping up energy standards in B.C. homes

The B.C. Step Code is the most energy-saving building code in Canada, but some builders claim it is expensive, elitist and ineffectual in battling climate change