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Employers need to clearly communicate hybrid work expectations

With the advent of forced remote working during COVID-19, recent polls suddenly show everybody with a job they can do away from their normal workplace is demanding flexibility from their...

ICBC tribunal case could go to Supreme Court of Canada

The Trial Lawyers Association of BC says a recent court decision upholding the NDP government policy moving some ICBC cases to the Civil Resolution Tribunal might be appealed to the Supreme Court of...

How recession resilient is B.C.?

Even if North America slides into recession, B.C. is well insulated, economists say

Nearly half of Canadians think gun laws aren't strict enough, says new poll

About 17 per cent of surveyed Canadians say firearm laws are too strict.

B.C. announces local government $76-million climate action fund

The new funding program aims to help local governments mitigate impacts of flooding, extreme heat or plan for changes.

Hunters go to court over ban on grizzly bear hunt

Huting guides seek certification for class action lawsuit against BC hunting ban

How early-stage public companies can reach over 200,000,000 investors and financial professionals

Senergy Communications Capital uses the latest technology to help early-stage public companies stand out in today’s digital marketplace

Who's getting sued: May 16, 2022

These corporate claims were filed with the BC Supreme Court registry in Vancouver. Information is derived from notices of civil claim. Civil claims have not been tested or proven in court.

Insider trading: May 16, 2022

The following is a list of stock trades made by corporate executives, directors and other company insiders of B.C.’s public companies filed in the week ended May 5, 2022. The information comes from a...