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Insider trading: November 6, 2018

The following is a list of stock trades made by corporate executives, directors and other company insiders of B.C.’s public companies filed in the week ended October 31, 2018. The information comes...

Who's getting sued? November 6, 2018

These corporate claims were filed with the BC Supreme Court registry in Vancouver. Information is derived from notices of civil claim. Civil claims have yet to be proven in court.

Foundation helps donors give more to charities

Peter Nicholson keenly understands that it pays to be strategic with how you give. The president and founder of The Foundation (WCPD) has built his career around helping businesses and private...

Animated chart: How the world's biggest companies have changed in just 10 years

This animation by Visual Capitalist shows that 43 of the companies on the Fortune Global 100 list today were not even on the list 10 years ago.   Courtesy of: Visual Capitalist

Repeated referendums reflect political parties’ frustrations

NDP accused of wooing Greens, shoring up alienated base

Trudeau talks trade, pipelines and carbon taxes

Canada will have tariff-free access to roughly two-thirds of the global economy, thanks to three free trade deals

Per-student grants down at top B.C. post-secondary institutions

Student enrolment numbers are up, but provincial government operating grants are down at B.C.’s largest postsecondary institutions. According to data collected forBusiness in Vancouver’s Biggest...

$2.5m Ponzi scheme nets Surrey man permanent ban from markets

Roberto Castano previously sentenced to 27 months in prison

B.C. housing sales remain sluggish

Weak housing sales continued through September. B.C. Multiple Listing Service sales declined 33% year-over-year, to 5,580 units. While this decline was deeper than August’s 26% drop – on a seasonally...