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NDP ready to freeze legal aid funding as lawyers prepare April 1 strike

‘System has reached a breaking point,’ legal aid lawyers spokesman says

‘Holy grail’ pump and dump of ‘next Apple’ nets $16 million in fines

Two British Columbians permanently banned from trading by BCSC for part in Kunekt scheme

Richmond company caught importing protected species again

A Richmond-based company has been fined $50,000 for illegally importing a protected species of orchid from Asia. Topwin Trading Co. Ltd, which used to have a warehouse on Olafsen Avenue near...

Fraudsters fleece Burnaby businesses with CEO scam

Three Burnaby businesses are out thousands of dollars after employees fell victim to the so-called CEO scam. In the scam, fraudsters posing as managers, presidents and CEOs email employees of a...

Government spending could offset deficit downsides

Economists highlight what role public debt has in sustaining the private sector

Vancouver man sentenced to jail for Craigslist securities fraud and skipping trial

A man arrested in Toronto last year after not appearing for trial on B.C. Securities Act charges has been sentenced to 15 months in jail. Won Sang Shen “Craig” Cho (also known as “Jae Kim”) pleaded...

What B.C. businesses want from 2019 federal budget

Highlights from the nearly 500 briefs submitted to Canada’s pre-budget consultation