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New deaths from COVID-19 in B.C. stay at all-time high

The province set new records for the most new cases in a 24-hour period, and most active infections

UPDATED: Meng's expired PR status required entry exam, court hears

The extradition hearing of Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou continued on Thursday, with Crown counsel attempting to refute several points made by defence lawyer Scott Fenton the day before. Fenton on...

BREAKING: Selina Robinson to serve as B.C.'s next finance minister

A number of new cabinet ministers have been appointed to lead key economic portfolios

Activists seek Huawei official’s release, end of extradition

MPs' petition to end Meng Wanzhou detention addresses wrong minister

How Canada Post is preparing for Christmas pandemic rush

Sending a parcel will now require more than just correct postage and an accurate address, as Canada Post has implemented a mandatory mask policy at all of its facilities across Canada. Anyone lining...

Bonnie Henry hopes for COVID-19 vaccine roll-out in B.C. in January

Her words come a day after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau warned that Canada may get vaccine after other countries

Violating B.C. mask order can result in a $230 fine

If you're planning to go shopping or head to an indoor public space, remember to bring a mask or you could be fined under the new provincial health order (PHO). B.C.'s Minister of Public Safety and...

UPDATED: RCMP officers involved in Meng Wanzhou case may not have known immediate arrest provision

The supervising RCMP officer who oversaw the arrest of Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. CFO Meng Wanzhou may not have known about the provision for immediate arrest in the warrant issued for the Chinese...

B.C. sees record 13 deaths from COVID-19 within a day

Record number of people are also in hospital in B.C. with COVID-19: 294

Overdose deaths reach 1,386 in B.C.

Vancouver, Surrey and Victoria continue to be hardest hit by crisis