Lawsuit of the week: Kwantlen student group claims ex-staffer was involved in fraudulent payments to fake companies

The Kwantlen Public Interest Research Group Society, a non-profit set up by the Kwantlen Student Association, is suing former director Richard Hossein for allegedly defrauding the society out of...

Insider trading: April 10, 2018

The following is a list of stock trades made by corporate executives, directors and other company insiders of B.C.’s public companies filed in the week ended April 4, 2018. The information comes from...

7 tips to make your business a success in Year 1

Small business is big in B.C., according to the most recent data from Statistics Canada. Up to 98% of all businesses in B.C. are small businesses with over half sole proprietors and 47% with fewer...

B.C., federal privacy watchdogs combine investigations into Victoria’s AggregateIQ

Privacy commissioners announced April 5 they would combine their investigations into Facebook and AggregateIQ over improper use of personal data

Modestly scaled commercial ventures show that small can be beautiful

Cat-themed café’s founder is among B.C. entrepreneurs who have reset their careers with help from non-profit society

Foreign corporate acquisitions skyrocket in B.C. (interactive map)

Corporate stock and debt deals in the province hit $14.4 billion in 2017. The value of B.C.’s largest corporate stock and debt deals hit $14.4 billion in 2017, 13.2% higher than 2016’s total and the...

Duty removal would create level playing field for LNG

Federal government exemption on fabricated steel products from Asia could help B.C. gas

Startup fever: B.C. becomes hot spot for entrepreneurs

Province ranked as the top startup destination in Canada – though securing capital is an ever-present problem

Who's getting sued: April 3, 2018

These corporate claims were filed with the BC Supreme Court registry in Vancouver. Information is derived from notices of civil claim. Civil claims have not been tested or proven in court.

Lawsuit of the week: Lawsuits claim common pharmaceutical amplifies compulsive gambling behaviour

Two British Columbians are sounding the alarm about the side-effects of the drug Abilify in separate lawsuits alleging that the pharmaceutical can amplify compulsive behaviour, leading them to lose...