Recipes for disaster and their antidotes

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Meeting GHG targets requires big power switch

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Breakthrough on scrubbing CO2 from atmosphere

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Contaminated-site developments hit 20,000-page speed bump

Update to provincial regulations increases complexity and cost of redevelopments

Two-thirds of barrel of crude spill into ground at Kinder Morgan station near Barriere, B.C.

The provincial Ministry of Environment has confirmed a spill of about 100 litres of crude oil – or just under two-thirds of a barrel – at Kinder Morgan’s Darfield station on the Trans Mountain...

City of Vancouver bans straws and foam containers effective June 2019

Please note: A previous version of this story had a headline indicating the ban would be effective June 1. To clarify, the ban takes effect June 1, 2019. The City of Vancouver approved a ban on...

Heiltsuk partners on new marine protection centre

Heiltsuk partners with Nova Scotia company on new marine response project

Canada implements methane reduction regulations

Researchers say new modelling more accurately estimates methane emissions

Canadians are polarized on carbon taxes

Canadians confused, cynical over carbon pricing, new poll suggests