Covering a full range of environmental and sustainability issues in Vancouver, British Columbia and Canada as a whole

Burnaby requests $7 million to keep sewage out of Burrard Inlet

City wants to separate sewer lines from storm drains

The business of heat: B.C. resource sector struggles to beat the heat

Primary industries in the province face increased flooding, fires and droughts

Cleantech startups turning biogas sludge into fertilizer

Three startups are receiving funding for demonstration project at Delta dairy farm

Insurers grapple with worsening natural disasters

As wildfires intensify in the province, B.C.’s insurance industry struggles to meet demand

Wildfires prompt state of emergency declaration

Largest fire in B.C. to date is 50,000 hectares at Shovel Lake

Green Space: How sweet it is

North Vancouver firm turns wood byproducts into a taste sensation

Green Space: Future fuels

British Columbia’s top universities and a private Vancouver company take different routes in search of a sustainable fuel of the future

Green Space: Sustainable development

From saving salmon to housing the homeless to building wood-heavy highrises, B.C. developers harness sustainable features for solutions

Green Space: Ethical Investing

Millennials and gen-Xers look for ventures aligned with their socially responsible values

Green Space: Rising tides

A climate-change-driven 100-year flood event in the Lower Mainland could require upwards of $32 billion to repair the damage