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AI helps fight climate change: BC cleantech company's innovative solution to water scarcity

Better Together is a collaboration between Coast Capital and Business in Vancouver to celebrate programs, partnerships, and individuals making positive change in our communities.

City of Surrey to halt Bear Creek Park road construction: BC Supreme Court

Proposed road will cross over land environmentalists and residents say is not only a de-facto park but also designated as park under law

Insurers need help to mitigate climate change costs

Fires, flood and earthquakes are a growing concern for the insurance industry

Tourists in North Okanagan told ‘leave now’ due to wildfires

Weekend winds may fan flames  of wildfires, new evacuation alerts for North Okanagan

Province will need to get water smart, scientists warn

B.C. won’t run out of water, but climate change adaptation will require better storage

Burn rate burdens businesses in B.C.

Adaptation to climate change includes learning to work and live with wildfires

Heat, fires, floods punctuate new climate change report

Last five years marked hottest five-year period since at least 1850: IPCC

B.C. forests are 'bonfires waiting to go off' — are more fires the solution?

There are billions of tonnes of wood fuel waiting to ignite B.C. forests, a recent white paper shows. As climate change leads to hotter, drier summers, could prescribed fire be the solution? Is it...

Factions seek advantage in B.C. old-growth debate

Discussion around Vancouver Island forests confused by competing definitions, data

Heat devastates shellfish in B.C., threatens salmon

To see global warming impacts in real time, look at B.C. marine life