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The cold reality of effective policies to combat climate change

Sustainable energy experts urge focus on what is achievable

What we need to do to cut 45% by 2030

Cutting greenhouse gas emissions by nearly one-half is achievable – but likely not in the 10-year timespan climate-change panel advocates, experts say

Lisa von Sturmer

Forty Under 40 winner, 2019; CEO, Growing City, Age 37

SCRD directors reluctantly pursue $53-million Site B reservoir option

If approved, it would be the largest and most expensive infrastructure project the Sunshine Coast Regional District (SCRD) has every tackled. Directors voted Nov. 21 for further investigation into...

British Columbians unprepared for big power outages

60% not ready for outages; half don’t have a preparedness kit

Forestry carbon offsets grapple with image problem

Failure of regulated offset market to develop took its toll on offset companies

California-like wildfire likelihood low for B.C.: BC Hydro

Plans ready to power down electricity system, avoid risks

Not all carbon offsets are created equal

They may not be the best climate tool, but for some sectors, they’re the only tool

Voters gave Trudeau mandate on climate change

Last week’s election persuaded at least one Conservative premier to reconsider objection to a carbon tax

INVESTIGATION: CleanBC climate-change electrification plan may not hold water

New climate-change strategy, risk assessment in the works: ministry