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Canada still not counting emissions from logging sector, says report

Canada gives its logging industry credit for the carbon absorbed by trees planted after a wildfire, and in so doing, erases carbon pollution from one of its largest emitting sectors, the report says

IAA's pause button slows environmental reviews

'Progress is slow' in Impact Assessment Act process, says Canadian West Foundation

B.C. group gets millions to decarbonize fashion, stop ancient forest harvesting

Based out of Vancouver, B.C., Canopy received $60 million this week to wean global supply chains off ancient forest products and replace them with alternatives, like recycled clothing and straw.

B.C. backs 14 companies looking to reduce plastic waste

The B.C. government announced over $8 million in funding to 14 companies looking to recycle plastic waste or prevent it from entering depots and landfills

Feds can't say which regulations to cut greenhouse gas emissions are working: audit

While emissions from electricity generation have fallen in recent years, those coming from vehicles and the oil and gas industry have both increased

Province and feds agree to plant 37M new trees in B.C.

It's the carbon equivalent of removing about 470,000 gas-burning cars off the road for one year

Canada lagging as wind and solar drive global drop in electricity emissions, study finds

Wind and solar generation have hit a global turning point in weening the grid off fossil fuels. Some experts say Canada needs to build five times faster to catch up

West Vancouver lab aims to restore world's lost kelp forests

Work being done in the West Vancouver lab could be of ‘planetary significance,’ says Ocean Wise

LNG approvals come with conditions

New framework announced for keeping oil and gas projects within provincial emissions cap