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Sudden deaths during B.C. heat wave climb to 719

BC Coroners Service seeing downward trend in reported deaths

B.C. records nearly 500 deaths and counting during heat wave

The BC Coroners Service has launched an investigation to find out what the province could have done better to prepare for the heat wave

'We ain't seen nothing yet': Expect more, hotter heat waves, says climate scientist

The heat wave began Friday when an intense high pressure system settled over B.C., creating a stagnant heat dome

Heat wave prompts campfire, fireworks ban

Ban on campfires and fireworks goes into effect the day before Canada Day

'Like a bowl of milk': B.C.'s disappearing glaciers threatens lives, tourism

Every year, the province's glaciers lose enough water to fill BC Place Stadium 8,300 times. The province's scientists and outdoor community worry that's putting people and wildlife at risk

Vancouver to vote on delaying climate action amid permit backlog, pressure from gas lobby

Amid pressure from an industry group and a rising backlog of permit applications, Vancouver city council will vote on whether to delay a zero-emissions building plan slated to come into effect next...

Additional campsites being added in BC this summer

BC government announces 185 new campsites and $83 million in park funding

Purolator adding electric vehicles to fleet

Canadian courier adding all-electric trucks and cargo bikes to Metro Vancouver fleet

BC sets sectoral emissions reductions targets

Government has set new 2030 emissions reductions targets for four broad sectors

Heavy industries could build on Canada's low-carbon advantage

The stuff of modern life is hard to abate, but Canadian industries already have a low-carbon advantage