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B.C. climate plan fails to detail how it will hit emission targets, allege court documents

An environmental group is taking B.C.’s environment ministry to court, alleging the province is breaking its own climate laws. Sierra Club BC claims the province’s CleanBC Roadmap lacks detail on how...

How melting glaciers triggered a 100-metre tsunami in B.C.

As climate change threatens to melt the world's frozen landscapes, researchers say it's time for the province to support systematic tracking of alpine hazards

Can Canada, U.S. tackle both the energy and climate crisis?

Globe Forum panel focuses on areas of cooperation between U.S., Canada on energy

Road to net zero: detour ahead?

War-fueled energy crisis poses challenges and opportunities in energy transition: IEA economist

Pilot launched to bolster B.C.’s building retrofitting capacity

Project aims to develop capacity of builders to do energy retrofits

Year-round BC Wildfire Service coverage expected to be up and running by September

The operations director of the BC Wildfire Service anticipates a "sizable" staffing increase, somewhere in the neighbourhood of 50 to 100 more resources for this season.

BC LNG would take big bite out of Chinese emissions: study

Study says B.C. natural gas replacing coal in Chinese district heating would reduce GHGs up to 60%

To burn, to dissolve or to compost – how some in B.C. are pushing to decarbonize death

British Columbians lead Canada in cremation rates. But as the world looks to decarbonize, advocates are questioning whether crematorium emissions are hurting the living. Could human composting and...

Why is this B.C. funeral home cremating bodies in the U.S.?

A Metro Vancouver man was surprised to learn that his mother was shipped from B.C. to Blaine, Washington, to get cremated. Glacier Media has learned the practice has been going on for years as the...

Thinking of installing an AC unit? A heat pump is better, says BC Hydro

After 2021's scorching summer heat, BC Hydro recommends moving away from power-sucking AC units