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B.C.’s carbon tax draws scrutiny from politicians and researchers

Study shows levy has made British Columbians more gas frugal, but leakage is a problem

The pipeline we do not know

World’s largest CO2 pipeline is being built in Alberta, but underground sequestering of carbon gets little love from governments

Using B.C.’s LNG as ship fuel can reduce global emissions

Climate change is a global issue. Greenhouse gases (GHGs) don’t recognize borders or legal jurisdictions, so we all need to do our part to reduce emissions. Exporting liquefied natural gas (LNG)...

Plans for logging, mining near B.C. parks raise concern

Potential resource extraction near Skagit Valley, E.C. Manning parks draws fire

Shell puts CAPP on notice on climate, carbon taxes

Shell quitting American oil association, and reviewing others for “misalignment’

Vancouver Park Board’s ‘Heron Cam’ goes live as herons return to Stanley Park

Cam gives residents a bird’s eye view of the resident Pacific Great Blue heron colony

Harvest Power’s stinky composting firm fined a record $300,000

Fine unlikely to be paid in full because of way parent company structured subsidiary: official

Two new studies find no link between PRV and salmon disease

Evidence mounts that the strain of piscine reovirus found in B.C. is benign

NDP quietly gave BC Hydro two years to work on late CleanBC electrification plan

Budget offers thousands of dollars in clean energy incentives

Floods could cover 42% of Fraser Valley in natural disaster triggered by climate change: government

Food, energy, transportation security at risk in potential flooding, with costs in the billions