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Scientists identify new viruses in wild, farmed salmon

One of three viruses identified was not known to have infected fish before

Trudeau government to help BC electrify Peace gas sector

B.C., federal governments agree to jointly fund $680 million worth of Peace region electrification projects

Surrey environmental company fined $18k for asbestos violation

An environmental company was recently fined nearly $18,000 an incomplete asbestos assessment at a Burnaby worksite, according to WorkSafeBC. CM Environmental, based in Surrey, is challenging the...

Film and TV productions focus on emissions cuts

Green film awareness up as park board pushes elimination of diesel generators

Turning garbage into jobs

Keeping Canada’s waste in its residents’ backyards isn’t just the ethical thing to do; it can be good for the economy

Waste disposal in B.C.: another burning question

Why incinerators may be better than landfills as a solution for non-recyclable waste

A carbon sink made of stone

UBC scientists to trial project that sequesters CO2 in mine waste

Canada needs to slim its wasteline

The country produces more garbage per capita than any other OECD member

Mattress Recycling springs back in Hope, B.C.

With new $3.5 million facility, firm can help companies reduce carbon footprints and help municipalities save money

$2.7 million B.C. tug fuel spill fine Canada’s largest ever

2016 Bella Bella spill dumped 107,552 litres of diesel fuel and 2,240 litres of lubricants