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Prime minister draws line in the sand with Bill C-69

Legislation would pit Liberals against conservative premiers in federal election

Feds announce plan to ban single-use plastics

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced today the federal government plans to ban single-use plastics as early as 2021. Some of the items to be banned include plastic bags, straws, cutlery, plates...

Vancouver market hopes to discourage plastic-bag use with embarrassing logos

While some people may scowl at the sight of a plastic bag, they usually aren’t doing so because of what’s written on it. That’s the not the case with the latest batch of bags being handed out at a...

Clearing the air on energy: more clearing needed

International Energy Agency boss delivers sobering reality check on global energy trends

IEA chief paints rosy picture for LNG industry

Half the growth in global energy demand recently has been for natural gas

Ottawa announces clean energy investments at CEM conference

Of $15.5 million in new clean energy investments, the largest is for Haida Gwaii

Global EVs to hit 130 million by 2030: IEA

EV adoption trends discussed on first day of three-day CEM10 conference in Vancouver

More measures coming for orca protection

Vessel slow-down program enhanced, whale watchers agree to stop SRKW tours

Gregor Robertson lands international gig to fight climate change

Former Vancouver mayor working on ‘other projects that you’ll hear more about soon’

B.C.’s carbon tax draws scrutiny from politicians and researchers

Study shows levy has made British Columbians more gas frugal, but leakage is a problem