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B.C. cleaning up 30 derelict vessels, 1,000 km of shoreline

Richmond-based non-profit Ocean Legacy Foundation will clear 400 kilometers of shoreline debris from North Vancouver Island to the south coast of the Sea to Sky regio

Climate risks targeted with new $3.5 billion agriculture package

Federal-provincial programs will emphasize resilience, reduced ris

DFO suppressing research on steelhead: BCWF

Wildlife Federation believes research confirms need for seal management, commercial closures

Scientists warn nuclear war could trigger mass ocean die-offs, new 'ice age'

The idea of nuclear winter has been around for decades. But what would happen to the oceans? What would happen to the millions of species that call it home, and the others — including humans — that...

BC Wildfire Service says warm weather, increase in fire activity expected in July

Forecasts are predicting drier than normal conditions through the latter half of July and into the beginning of August

$45 sprinklers helped save B.C. town from wildfire, says mayor

Last summer's Tremont Creek wildfire came very close to Logan Lake. Nearly a year later, the town's mayor is extending an invite to other communities to learn about their sprinkler system

What is B.C. doing to prevent another Lytton?

A year after Lytton, B.C., burned in a wildfire, Glacier Media caught up with Public Safety Minister Mike Farnworth to talk about rebuilding the village and what's being done to make sure it doesn't...

Study finds seals eat more chinook than orcas do

UBC scientists urge size-selective fishing techniques to protect large chinook

Cool spring leads to 'delayed start' of B.C.'s wildfire season, BCWS says

BC Wildfire Service anticipates a slow escalation and buildup of hazards and a general increase of fire activity in July and August

Officials waited too long to declare heat dome emergency in 2021, says meteorologist

Forecasts had been warning of conditions that had never been seen before in the region