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Party buses are still running in Vancouver during the pandemic

Party buses are still on Vancouver’s streets in the middle of a pandemic. Despite strict guidelines outlining the maximum allowable number of people in many stores, clubs, and restaurants, the rules...

Tofino is hoping for the return of a rising tourism tide

As B.C. opens up non-essential travel, top tourist towns bank on business influx

Restaurant industry urges continued relief

Citing the slow pace of recovery and the more than 300,000 workers still unemployed, the Canadian restaurant industry is urging the federal government to continue relief through the COVID-19...

Tim Hortons, Burger King, Popeyes parent sees profits crater 37%

When COVID-19 first hit, did you cut back on your coffee consumption? How about those breakfast sandwiches that get you going in the morning? You likely did because so many coffee houses were...

TripAdvisor ranks these five B.C. hotels in Canada's top 10

There's never been a better time to consider staying closer to home on your next holiday

Floating season: This breathtaking lazy river in B.C. is over four miles long

  Spanning an impressive four miles long, the Penticton River Channel offers one of the best floating experiences in British Columbia. The man-made waterway cuts across the breathtaking Okanagan...

Let B.C. restaurants sell liquor permanently with take-out, delivery, proposes MLA

Allowing restaurants to permanently sell liquor with delivery and take-out sales would support thousands of small businesses across B.C.

17 awesome Vancouver food events happening in August

Mouth-watering and COVID-safe food features worth checking out this month across Metro Vancouver

Temperature checks required for all passengers at YVR

Starting Thursday, domestic and international passengers will be required to have their temperature checked before leaving Vancouver International Airport (YVR). Transport Canada requires the Canada...

Novelty architecture attracts motorists to North Vancouver

The Old Dutch Mill service station and confectionery, shown here in 1943, is a great example of “novelty architecture” (a.k.a. fantastic architecture) from the North Shore's past. Constructing...