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Taking ownership: Katherine Enns, CPA, rows her own boat

Since receiving her CPA designation in 2019, Enns has achieved the flexibility to live the life she wants on her terms

International student applications are booming

But even though B.C. remains a top destination, some international students are wary of subsidizing Canadian higher education

Four-day work week gaining mainstream momentum in corporate Canada: poll

A four-day work week may be gaining mainstream momentum in corporate Canada as workplaces continue to fine tune post-pandemic schedules and working conditions, new research suggests. A survey by...

Neil Godbout: Want to sleep better? Tape your mouth shut

In his book Breath, James Nestor writes about how many people have forgotten how to breathe properly, to the detriment of their physical and mental health. Long, deep breaths in and out through the...

B.C. woman ordered to repay employer for 'time theft'

B.C.’s Civil Resolution Tribunal has ordered a woman to pay her Courtenay employer $2,603 for time theft and a pay advance. “Time theft in the employment context is viewed as a very serious form of...

B.C. will pay fees, fund schooling upgrades to get more nurses in health-care system

VANCOUVER — The British Columbia government will pay fees for international nurses and help finance former nurses who want to return to health care in a push to get more workers into the system.

New B.C. doctors should be trained in 'planetary health,' say experts

20 health experts say Simon Fraser University should be the first in Canada to build its new medical school based on a 'planetary health' curriculum

B.C. nurses sue Interior Health over wage disparity with doctors

"Nurses have, and continue to be, compensated at a lower rate than the practice of medicine by general practitioners," the suit states

Canadians have fewer paid vacation days than other countries, survey shows

Canadians pride themselves on a lot of things: health care, quality maple syrup, delicious poutine on the East Coast and exquisite sushi on the West Coast. But research from Compare The Market...

B.C. business travel, commuting face inflationary headwinds

Employers also ‘pushing back’ against hybrid-work arrangements and other pandemic trends