Build wealth by venturing outside your comfort zone

Most people live within their comfort zone: that space where your activities and behaviour fit a routine and pattern that minimize stress and risk. Successful people, however, take risks – calculated...

Benchmark numbers highlight housing-price chasm between West Coast and Eastern Canada

There is a $900,000 price difference between Vancouver and Moncton

Taxes sinking Vancouver’s detached-house sales

If the plan was to crush B.C.’s leading residential market, it has been spectacularly successful

Metro Vancouver home prices up as sales, listings dwindle

Region has quietest March for sales since 2009

Kamloops officials welcome city’s escape from two taxes

Exemption gives Interior city a marketplace advantage over Kelowna and other cities

Record office investment sends Victoria tenants scrambling

Capital dealings The flurry of announcements and features recapping 2017 investment sales is a rite of spring, because all that information takes time to process. Depending on how the numbers are...

Tight control versus open market: tackling Vancouver's housing-affordability conundrum

Locals-first housing initiatives include university housing with price covenants, and preferential pricing

Province presses ahead with farmland revamp, treaty settlement

Farmland consultation The province’s consultation on revitalizing the 45-year-old Agricultural Land Commission and the 11.4 million acres it oversees ends April 30, but statistics released last week...

Vancouver developer extends strata concept to Calgary

PC Urban to turn industrial park into rare industrial condos in Alberta city

Hong Kong's Li Ka-shing, the billionaire buyer of Expo lands, set to retire

Li put Vancouver on the map for Asian investors with his 1988 purchase and is Hong Kong's richest man