Resources & Agriculture

BIV's resources and agriculture coverage provides the latest news in the mining, oil and gas, agriculture and fisheries sectors in Vancouver and British Columbia

How Vancouver’s city-run gardens and nurseries are fighting food insecurity this summer

VanDusen’s 3,000-pound harvest can serve between 300 and 400 meals each day

Canada a leader in carbon capture: Woodmac

Canada produces 1.9% of global GHG emissions but accounts for 14% of deployed CCS

West Fraser has too much cash

Forestry company is so flush, it is offering a $1 billion share buyback

BC government unveils hydrogen strategy

B.C. hydrogen strategy follows release of federal strategy in December

Court drops bombshell on B.C. natural gas industry

BC infringed treaty, must stop approving industrial development in natural gas heartland

DFO announces commercial fisheries closures in BC

DFO to offer commercial licence buybacks, as commercial harvest is to be reduced 60% this year

BC Hydro breaks second electricity demand record in a row

Up to 8,300 megawatts of electricity anticipated to be used on Monday

B.C. strikes independent panel on old growth

Independent panel to provide guidance on managing old growth forests

Gasoline could hit $1.70 per litre Friday

Energy analyst believes oil prices will continue to go higher, due to lost production

Why isn't BC electrifying natural gas pipelines?

Energy lawyer says BC Hydro's surplus power could squelch surplus GHGs