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The importance of the ‘human factor’ in relation to smart-city data

While many articles about smart cities focus on automation and data, we should remember the “human factor” in drawing value from that data. Value is obtained through connections, which lead to...

Infographic: Canadians' participation in the digital economy

How are Canadians participating in the digital economy? This infographic summarizes the results from Statistics Canada's 2017-18 survey. Source: Statistics Canada

Why Alberta poses a new threat to B.C. gaming industry

Tax incentives have already drawn one foreign studio to open offices in Edmonton

PAI Health raises $9m for health-tracking software

Company formerly focused on fitness wearables before moving into software

Telus pledges $5m to expand ‘clinics on wheels’ initiative

Most of the mobile clinics will use Telus’ electronic medical record technology

Volta Air takes $110k top prize at Innovate BC-New Ventures competition

Annual awards handed out $275,000 in cash and prizes

Startup Week confirms Vancouver’s startup hub status

But low wages, high cost of living threaten to erode city’s ability to retain talent pool

Capcom closes Vancouver gaming studio

More than 150 workers at a gaming studio in Burnaby are out of work after its Japanese parent company decided to close up shop. “We’re sad to announce that effective today, Capcom Vancouver has...

The 5 steps of a complete digital strategy

Digital marketing is made up of a multitude of closely interwoven elements, like the gears of a machine. When everything is in place, a minimum of effort is enough to guide the customers. Conversely,...

Infographic: Collaboration in the era of AI

People are no longer making things in a linear path. Collaboration is key, and it is cyclical. This infographic shows how collaboration has been linked to technology and what the future looks like in...