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World’s first human tests of COVID-19 antibody treatment have Vancouver connection

What happened: Eli Lilly has commenced studies on humans for potential COVID-19 therapy Why it matters: The tests come after collaboration with a Vancouver bio-technology company American...

B.C. contact-tracing app tackles Canadians' privacy concerns

What happened: Vancouver tech CEO addresses parliamentarians on technology response to COVID-19 Why it matters: Mimik Technology Inc. has developed a contact-tracing app it says will address privacy...

UBC researchers developing biodegradable N95 masks from local wood fibres

With B.C. likely to need as many as 412 million face masks in the next 12 months, researchers at UBC are now hard at work to find a local solution - and the answer may simply be the trees. That’s...

B.C. biotech taps federal funding for 60-second COVID-19 test

What happened: The federal government has approved IRAP funding for B.C.’s bioLytical Labs  Why it matters: After developing a one-minute HIV test, the company is setting its sights on COVID-19 A...

Early detection COVID-19 scanner regions revealed

Scanners to reach 48 communities outside Lower Mainland, Fraser Health not included

Sonic Incytes closes $3.5m round in fight against liver disease

What happened: Sonic Incytes Medical Corp. closes seed funding round Why it matters: Company’s handheld medical device is aimed at replacing far more expensive tools like MRIs A medical device...

Scanners could accelerate COVID-19 diagnoses

50 Burnaby-made scanners to be deployed in “rural” B.C.

Canada Post silent on possible financial cyber attacks

Banking malware focuses on stealing financial data

Sales of Burnaby-made medical device surge amid COVID-19 pandemic

The Clarius pocket ultrasound scanner is being used to scan lungs for pneumonia.

Seven more projects tap funding from B.C. supercluster in COVID-19 fight

The Digital Technology Supercluster has earmarked $60m from its budget to address the pandemic