Blockchain opening doors to disruption in multiple industries: experts

BIV's Business Excellence Series event aimed at demystifying technology behind cryptocurrency

European fortunes in forecast for B.C. pharma

Vancouver drug maker sells Canadian business portfolio as it ramps up overseas sales

Stemcell Technologies lands $45m from province, feds for new facility

Funding to go towards development of $138-million facility in Burnaby

Blockchain is restructuring the core infrastructure of capital markets

Revolutionary changes to complex systems often have humble beginnings. Double-entry bookkeeping, for instance, grew from a minor section of a Franciscan monk’s mathematics encyclopedia in...

High-performance recovery for business leaders

To reach high levels of performance in any domain – including business – effective recovery practices are essential.  As Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz stated in a 2001 Harvard Business Review article...

Infographic: The shift to retail crypto payments

How willing are retailers to accept cryptocurrency, such as bitcoin? This infographic outlines some of the pros and cons of using cypto.

Genesis Robotics enters partnership with Koch to revolutionize robotics

Local technology company Genesis Robotics, a subsidiary of Genesis Advanced Technology, has received a strategic controlling investment from Koch Industries Inc. that will enable Genesis to develop...

B.C. isoHunt founder resurfaces to launch online search tool

WonderSwipe founder Gary Fung says he wants to change how people search online

Crash survivor seeks to bring medical technology to Surrey

Everything changed for Michael Coss on May 18, 2006. While travelling on the Coquihalla Highway to Kelowna with his family, he lost control of the van he was driving. The vehicle flipped and...

Vancouver-founded PlentyofFish reels in new CEO

New CEO starts hails from Toronto tech community