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Plan ahead with these year-end tax-saving tips

When it comes to tax planning, it’s never too early to get prepared. “As the end of the year approaches, you want to start making decisions that will impact your 2019 income tax obligations,” says...

Wealth and estate planning: what to keep in mind early on

You are never too young to write a will, especially if you have a family and significant wealth to transfer after you pass away. Manning Elliott partner and wealth and estate tax adviser Abbe...

Is your business in good hands in the event of retirement or death?

Your business may be thriving; it may even be your whole world, but it won’t always have you to steer the ship. Planning for an eventual transfer of ownership of your business when you “retire” is...

Why women will control half of all accumulated wealth in Canada

By 2026, women in Canada will control nearly half of all accumulated financial wealth. However, traditionally many women have not been included in wealth management conversations, leaving a wide...

How the speculation and vacancy tax is catching B.C. residents off guard

The new B.C. speculation and vacancy tax – which for 2018 is based on a tax rate of 0.5% of a home’s assessed value – was designed to target domestic and foreign speculators that own residences in...

New employer tax is rolling out in 2019 and may catch businesses unaware

Businesses with a payroll over $500,000 need to pay the new employer health tax starting in 2019

How to get listed: considerations for cannabis companies going public post-legalization

Accounting firm Manning Elliott LLP advises cannabis companies on taxes, audits and financial issues

People first: How to prepare and plan a successful family business transition

Long-term planning, mentoring successors and empowering new owners are key to success

Real estate taxes in new budgets impacting foreign investment and hurting British Columbians

Measures like the speculation tax will be perceived by investors as a “tax grab” and pushing investors away, says Manning Elliott’s Raymond Lu.

Cryptocurrency mining is here to stay and it’s a game changer for auditors

Cryptocurrencies are difficult to audit because of their very nature, explains financial expert.